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Return of the (Big) Mac
As it stands, Phil has lost the greatest percentage of weight at 20.54%, followed by Amy at 20.52%. The order for the remaining losers is: Shellay, Ed., L.T., Tom, Stacey, Jerry and Adam. If a player was to be chosen to come back in the game based on percentage of weight lost, it would be Phil. However, the person who wins tomorrow night's challenge will be the one who returns. Brady leans over to Heba and says, "Phil's going. He's gone." He then low fives her. Can you even stand these people? Vicky smirks with her smug face and tells us how everybody except for Phil deserves to come back. Sami asks Brady what he's thinking. Answer: not much, per usual. But Vicky is thinking and, unfortunately, talking. She says that she's thinking it would be great for anybody to come back except for the person who's number one on the board right now. That would of course be Phil. Phil can't even believe it. Stacey has to give an, "Oh, my." Phil interviews that some mean-spirited bitches need to keep their comments to themselves. When Sami notes that a major throw-down just occurred, however, Phil says that he's focused on the weight loss, which has benefited his health and life. The HBV virus smirks and laughs in that special way of theirs.

Back at the ranch, a teary Amy interviews that she's offended by Vicky's comment. Phil then says what might be my favorite thing ever uttered on this show: "Why are you going to your room and crying when those fuckers are in there eating chicken? Why?" Generally when I'm feeling bad or down about something I play Dolly Parton's "Better Get to Livin'" repeatedly on my iPod. However, I think I might have a new mantra. Phil wonders why Amy's mad at him when she should be getting into the HBV virus's face instead. Phil is going into the kitchen to have some damn chicken of his own. He is upset that Amy is so upset, and says that as a husband he feels like he needs to confront Vicky and defend his wife. I mean, really he's defending himself, but if he gives it to Vicky with panache I don't even care what his motivation is. Phil walks up to Vicky and simply says, "You are so mean." He repeats it for emphasis. He tells her that Amy is crying because she's so upset, and tells Vicky that she pissed on the parade of everyone who came back to try to win a spot on the show. Oh, Lord, and then Brady feels like he has to intervene because Phil is getting in Vicky's face. He interviews, however, that he's not going to get violent unless it's in total self defense. Personally, I wouldn't want to throw down physically with Brady. He has the scary Cro-Magnon glint in his eye. Some annoying testosterone-fueled stuff happens, and all the others wonder why they can't eat their damn chicken in peace. Except for Heba, who has to jump in and ask Phil why he has to play the victim all the time. Is this bitch for real? Vicky then classily states, "Go cause your crap somewheres else." Is this bitch for real, part deux?

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