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Return of the (Big) Mac

Phil seems somewhat defeated. He interviews that he's taking an opportunity to put his whole life on display in front of America, and to change his life, and these bastards try to take something that's so pure, honest and real, and make it something so evil and mean. It takes a lot of energy to defend yourself, he says. For reals, man. It's like going back to middle school. Vicky says she's sorry to the others, and adds that she's proud of all the weight they lost. I'm sure they're touched by the golden sheen of her benevolence. Heba surprises everyone by making a rational comment, saying that maybe Vicky should just go upstairs and apologize to Amy if she's truly upset. Vicky says, "For what? I didn't do anything to Amy." Stacey starts crying. She tearfully interviews that she was looking forward to coming back for so long, and to have everything be so different is very upsetting. She tells the Blue Team that she doesn't even know if she wants to come back if she'd be stepping into this pile of doo. Heba says that it's not like this when Phil isn't there. Until the Blue Team members start turning on each other and the carnage piles high like so many temptation challenge leftovers. Stacey does not buy that Phil is the only one who's causing problems. They're all causing problems, and she knows it.

Hey! Let's all take a nice break from the drama and get a delicious Subway sandwich! A 6-inch turkey breast on whole wheat for Shellay? Check! In addition, Shellay and Amy have a little heart-to-heart away from all the drama. Shellay tells Amy that she's very trusting, and should really think about the things that people are saying because everybody's in it for themselves. Amy tells Shellay that she's naïve to a point, but she's not stupid. Let's hope.

Back at the house, Bob and Jillian enter. Vicky tells Bob that they're to singles. L.T. then enters and gives Jillian a big hug. He shares the news that all of the contestants are back and there are a lot of warm greetings. Bob gives Amy P. an especially big hug. She tells us that he looked into her eyes and told her she has what it takes to win the whole thing. He wants her to be empowered, and tells her that he believes in her. Amy is touched, and tells Bob that she loves him. He loves her too. Amy wants to repay Bob for all he's done by being a winner for him, because he deserves it. She's so sweet. However, I want her to repay Bob for all he's done by punching Vicky in the throat.

It's challenge time! Amy really feels like she has something to prove. Ditto for Stacey, who wants to show everyone that she and Adam deserve to be there. L.T. wants to come back and get revenge on all the bitches who double crossed him in week two. Awesome. Brady really wants Ed to win to strengthen the Blue alliance, whereas Vicky simply hopes it's anyone but Phil. Sami then drops another bomb -- the winner of tonight's challenge will have immunity at the weigh in. And to win, the contestants simply have to stay one step ahead of the competition. There are exercise steps in front of them. Sami says it sounds simple, however it's going to take 1,000 steps to win. Stacey does step aerobics at home, so thinks she has it in the bag. The first person to make it to 1,000 steps gets to come back in the game. Second place gets a plane ticket home, e.g. bupkiss.

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