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Return of the (Big) Mac

The challenge begins! L.T. takes a slow and steady approach, whereas Ed sprints and takes an early lead. Phil is close behind him, which makes Vicky want to vomit. Coleen tells us that she for sure doesn't want Ed back in the house, because it will just strengthen the Blue alliance. Oh, and then sad times. Phil stumbles over his step and falls on the other side. As you might guess, Vicky laughs. Phil, however, gets right back on the step. 15 minutes and about 250 steps in, Ed is still in the lead. Stacey, however, comes on strong and catches up to Phil. She then readies herself to catch Ed. Shellay stops for a minute to look at the numbers, and realizes that Ed and Stacey are neck and neck. And then Ed maybe seems like he's going to pass out. And he's only halfway there! Stacey takes this opportunity to start to sprint. She knows how to work that step. However, she's still about 20 steps behind Ed as they hit the 900s. And then Stacey starts sprinting. L.T.'s coaching instinct takes over and he cheers her on and pushes her because he wants to see her win so much. He also gives her the crucial information of how far ahead Ed is. Stacey says this is exactly what she needs. The lead narrows and Heba screams like the harpy she is. It is a seriously exciting finish, as Stacey and Ed are within five steps of each other. But oh pooh. In the end, Stacey can't do it and Ed wins. He crawls off the step and maybe vomits. Heba screams and runs to him, while everyone else gathers around Stacey and tells her how awesome she is. She cries and interviews how much it means to her to have had this experience. She feels more important tonight than at any point in her life. Well, I don't know if I'd go that far, but she's probably really fatigued right now. Ed gets to rejoin the fold as Sami bids the others adieu and good luck in their quest to win $100,000. She also reminds everyone that Ed has won immunity. Michelle reminds us that this is the worst case scenario for the remaining Black Team members. Heba and Ed smooch and it's as gross as you might expect.

Bob walks into the gym and sees his regular old four Blue Team members, who are pretending to be upset. Oh, those jokesters. They tell him that Phil is back in the house, and Bob tells us he knew that would wreak havoc. Then Ed runs up behind him and actually sweeps him off his feet. Latent much? Bob hates when people pull his leg, but seems happy that Ed is back. Vicky tells us that she, Heba, Brady and Ed are a very strong alliance, and as long as they don't fall below the yellow line they should be okay this week. Now is the time for Amy C. to motherfucking defect.

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