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Return of the (Big) Mac

Oh, and then good times! Ali comes back to visit the losers! She is all kinds of buff. Speaking of, did you see all the Losers on Oprah? It was pretty good, except for a minute when Jillian seemed like she maybe disagreed with Oprah about something and I got really nervous. Ali then introduces her special friend, Cynthia Sass from Prevention who's there to talk about keeping a healthy lifestyle at home. First she talks about drinking, and lets us in on the delicious fact that Bob recruited Heba and Ed at a bar! They love beer. ["That explains how Ed is able to tolerate Heba." -- Angel] says that a pint of beer is the equivalent of one to two slices of bread. Thus, drinking six pints of beer is like eating a loaf of bread. And when you're drunk you tend to do things like gnaw on the stick of pepperoni that's randomly been sitting in your fridge for weeks. Mmm, pepperoni. Light beer cuts the carbs and calories by 50% or more. But then you're such a girl!

Cynthia talks to Brady and Vicky about how eating has become a challenge at home since they have kids. Vicky works all day, and fast food became the staple of their diet and their kids' diets. Cynthia is there to prove that healthy food can be tasty food. She blindfolds Brady and has him eat a yellow pepper. Oh, mysterious delicious food! Michelle, meanwhile, has a real sweet tooth. Cynthia suggests that she pre-portion sweets so as not to gorge. The contestants each get $5,000 worth of groceries, which is pretty awesome. AND by the looks of it, Michelle and Renee are on the cover of December's Prevention. They're both super hot, so it's no wonder.

Jillian talks to her three ladies, who break the news that Ed is back in the game. Jillian says in no uncertain terms that if one of the three ex-Black members falls below the yellow line, the votes aren't there to save them. She also tells them that Bob's rule is that his team members can't vote for each other. This is a pickle, indeed, and it's one that seems to happen to Jillian every season. She can't believe it's five against three, two huge boys are on the other team, and one of them has immunity. She's ready for lightning to shoot down from the sky and strike her. Her team is in a bad position, and that's when she's most likely to beat the crap out of them. And she does. She tells them that the reason why she wins is that she's mean. She's not crying in her room while the other fuckers are eating chicken, in other words. Bob works his team out as well, including Ed who has to get back in the swing of the beatings.

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