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All Contestants Return To Ranch In Surprise Twist

It's the morning after Bernie was booted, and the contestants all file into the gym for some sort of surprise, promised to be (another) Biggest Loser first. The walls pull back to show... all of the contestants that have been kicked off this season. Sami tells us that they'll be weighing in for a chance to return to the game -- the girl and guy with the highest percentage of weight loss will rejoin the game. Man, does Brittany look PISSED! Each of the returning players says how stoked they are to be back, except for Paul, who says he has no idea why he's there. Ah, Paul, that's right, I was relieved when you went home. Dan voices what I'm sure all the current players are thinking, which is that they already beat out these people once and can't believe they have to do it again. Bette Sue reminds me of why I loved her to begin with, telling Sami that it means more to her that Ali has a chance to possibly rejoin the game. Neil claims he's a new person. We'll see. Then Dan has to show his mom his giant, wretchedly ugly tattoo. She looks appropriately horrified, but hugs him anyway. Mark is so skinny I literally can't remember what he looked like overweight.

Jenni is up first, reminding us she was eliminated week one, and there's some footage of people voting off her and her dad. She's clearly sucking in when she's up on the scale, but she looks great and has clearly lost weight and doesn't need to. She goes from 267 to 229, for a percentage of 14.23%, and she's really pleased. Next up is Mallory, who also looks great. I should probably just say right now that everyone looks great, rather than repeating that over and over. She reminds us that the last time she weighed in, she gained a pound. She goes from 217 to 175 which is 19.35%. Then Amanda is up, talking about her mixed feelings about being back, saying it wasn't pretty when they left. Well, Amanda, it was entirely your husband that wasn't pretty. She goes from 204 to 158 -- she looks positively tiny. It's 22.55%, but next up is Ali, who already looks like the girl to beat. She goes from 234 to 166, for the crazy percentage lost of 28.63%. 33 pounds of that were lost at home, and Bette Sue is crying with pride. Then it's her turn, and she admits that it's "horrid" that she's doing this in front of America, who could potentially see her fail. I can't imagine, given that when I decided to try and lose some weight, I almost didn't even tell my closest girlfriends in case I couldn't do it. But she's got nothing to worry about -- she goes from 261 to 212 for 18.77%. I think the most endearing thing about this weigh-in, in particular, is that everyone there looks so excited for everyone's weight loss. It's really cute and almost makes me forget about how much I grew to loathe a couple of these contestants. Jenn is up, and goes from 254 to 206, and is cute as a button with how excited she is. That's 18.90% for her. Jackie is last up. She reminds us that she was all about gameplay and still will be if she comes back. She's done great, going from 246 to 182, but her 26.02% isn't enough to beat out Ali, who is thrilled to be back in the game. Maggie interviews that Ali's definitely a threat but that compared to the boys, none of the girls are threats. Nothing like starting out completely defeated already!

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