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This week there is no pre"previously on." Rather, we have thunderstorms! And fog! Doom approaches! It's post-elimination time, and everyone is pretty tense about Michael's ouster. Jeff claims that the way he voted had nothing to do with gameplay or a malicious act. Rather, he just sort of fancies Francelina. They have a lot in common and really have connected, and what's more she motivates him to work harder. You can see why that's more important to him than a Week One promise to Michael, and is also why you don't make those kinds of stupid promises. There's at least a 70 percent chance that you'll break them, and look like a real asshole in the process.

The contestants enter the gym and find Alison waiting. She announces that this week, all of the players will have the chance to win immunity. No! We don't need an extra episode this season! Anyway, if they lose 70 pounds as a group, they're all safe for another week. Last week the collective only lost 61 pounds, so some of the contestants doubt that it's possible to drop 70. If they don't, however, there will be a red line and the person with the lowest percentage lost will get the automatic boot.

In good news, the contestants have the opportunity to reduce that 70 pound goal through a pop challenge. And the kids are involved! Sunny, Biingo and Lindsay are on campus and will have their brains and brawn tested. And they'll be playing for the adults! Ali will ask five questions, and for every one the kids get right a pound will be taken off of the 70 pound goal weight. After the questions, they'll move on to five exercises that are part of the Biggest Loser fitness test, which they also took at the beginning of the season to prove to us that childhood obesity is real and a problem. If they can beat their previous scores, another pound will be taken off of the goal weight for each event, up to ten pounds total.

The first question asks which is the fattier breakfast food: scrambled eggs with turkey bacon, or a bagel with cream cheese. They guess the eggs, which is correct, and one pound drops from the goal. The second question is: How many chicken nuggets would you have to eat to reach 18 grams of fat -- 6 or 20? They guess 6, which is correct! And wow, chicken nuggets are fatty little buggers. That is without any barbeque sauce, too. Then it's time to determine which has more carbs: spaghetti and meat sauce with garlic bread, or a bean burrito with chips and salsa. They guess the spaghetti, which is incorrect. Damn, burrito! It turns out beans are carbs. I actually did not know that. But are beans... healthy carbs? I DO know that they're the musical fruit. The next question asks which food has more calories: a double cheeseburger or large order of French fries. Biingo is outvoted as the team guesses the fries. And that's right! Damn, fries! That's probably why they're so delicious. Next time I get a burger, instead of a side of fries I will ask for another burger. I am learning so much about health! And finally: which movie theater food has more than 1,000 calories -- a personal pepperoni pizza or a large bucket of butter popcorn. Jackson works at a movie theater and assures us that it's the popcorn, with a kind of face that's like, "DO NOT get the popcorn." The kids guess that one right too, which means that the contestants are down to a 66 pound goal.

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