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Then it's time for the physical challenge. The sit-up challenge is first, and Ali asks which of the three kids wants to volunteer to try to beat his or her previous number. Biingo is confident that he can do it. During the first test he did 18 sit-ups in one minute. And now he totally crushes it and can do 35! Way to go, kid! The adults lose another pound from their goal. A pull-up challenge is next, and Lindsay volunteers to give it a try. Apparently you can do this while jumping in a kid fitness challenge? In any case, Lindsay also crushes her previous score of 37 by doing 79 jumping pull-ups. Another pound drops from the goal! Push-ups are next, and Biingo volunteers once again. He does 32 in a minute, compared to his previous score of 23, and the adults are down 7 pounds total. Next is a shuttle run, which Lindsay quickly volunteers for. This leads Sunny to say that she'll take the mile run. The shuttle run is a little race where you run back and forth between two cones. Lindsay beats her previous time, which means another pound off. And then there's the mile. Sunny's original time was 13 minutes flat, which I actually think is not too bad. But then again, I am a REALLY slow runner. Sunny's aiming for a 10-minute mile, which Alex notes is difficult for anyone. Danni runs alongside Sunny, and tries to keep pace. Three minutes in, Sunny's pretty tired, but she doesn't want to let down the contestants and powers through. At the end of the mile, several of the others run with her, and Sunny crosses the mile line just under 10 minutes! She's thrilled to have reached her goal, and the contestants are thrilled that they have to lost 61 pounds to get immunity instead of 70.

The trainers work out the contestants, and Bob tells us that 61 pounds is still a big feat. Gina is not thrilled to be back in collaborative team mode again because she doesn't think she needs anybody else. A true delight, that one, but also maybe she's not wrong. Bob has a tête-à-tête with Francelina, and we learn that she lost almost 100 pounds at home and her top weight was around 350. She tells us that she lost her father at 16 to a brain tumor, and since that time she's wanted to be a doctor. But her weight is holding her back since she doesn't feel comfortable going to medical school while being so heavy. Bob appreciates the positive light around Francelina, and wants to make it shine even more.

Dolvett threatens the contestants that he may get in a pissy mood, and Gina doesn't help things when she says she can't run on the treadmill because her sneakers are very slippery. He tells her to run on her toes instead of her heels, and once again she says she can't. And you know what happens when any of these fools say they can't do something. As Dolvett punishes the others with a high incline until he and Gina get on the same page he says, "I love lawyers." Joe pipes in with, "I hate 'em," and Gina storms out of the gym in a huff. Joe knows that his snide remark set her off, but also thinks she's kind of a pill. Dolvett follows her outside, but she doesn't slow down. At least she's burning some calories with all that stomping?

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