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And then we take a minute to catch up with Nate, who was eliminated in week two. He looks so handsome in his suit! And he's dropped from 359 to 269 pounds, for a total loss of 90 pounds. After his elimination, Nate proposed to his girlfriend, and she's now his fiancée! And he's going to invite Jillian to his wedding, awwwww. I hope they don't ask her to officiate, because she would totally scream the vows and make them carry her on their backs down the aisle.

So, back to Gina being a pill. Her dignity and integrity have been insulted by Joe, and she yells at Dolvett that she's not going to work out with assholes heckling her. But Dolvett thinks that this has nothing to do with Joe, but rather is an excuse to give up when she shouldn't. Gina refuses to be in the gym with Joe, and Dolvett says that this is yet another obstacle that she's allowing to be in control of her change. Also, it's a pretty juvenile ultimatum for a woman in her 40s. He then asks if she's ever previously lost 61 pounds in eight weeks through her own efforts. Um, no, obviously. He wants her to get her butt back in the gym, and she refuses until Dolvett promises to sequester her and put her out of Joe's sight line. Finally she gets back in, telling us that she doesn't want to disrespect Dolvett, and appreciates his efforts to work with her away from the others. Joe, however, doesn't enjoy the fact that Gina's hissyfit has been rewarded with a personal training session. That right there is probably why he hates lawyers.

Meanwhile, Jillian sets her sights on Alex and is itching for a confrontation. She wants Alex to run six miles an hour for five minutes, and tells her that every day on the ranch she should be bringing her A game instead of phoning it in, as she is wont to do. Alex gives up on the treadmill run a minute in, and Jillian tells her that it's unacceptable. Alex starts again, and once again stops after a minute. She says that she's trying her best, but Jillian argues that it's not, pointing out that Alex works out for two hours at a pop three times a day, and there's no way she can't jog at 6.0 for five minutes. Then she looks around the room and sees a whole bunch of folk phoning it in. Wondering what fresh madness is this, she grabs Gina and tells her not to speak, but to run for five minutes at a 6.0. Bob and Dolvett look on nervously as Gina stops, even after Jillian turns down the speed. Jillian wonders aloud what is wrong with "you people," and then calls the trainers over for a little talk. She asks them (via yelling) if it's okay that they have contestants who can't run for five minutes in the third month of the competition. Dolvett says that they should be able to do it by now, noting that he's seen Gina do it. And then Gina starts to storm out of the gym again!

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