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Gina is next, in all of her usual freaking out glory. She REALLY wants to get a big number to prove all the trainers wrong about what a pain in the ass she is. As Gina says that she worked hard, Jillian tells her that the work isn't the issue -- it's Gina's tendency to unravel when things get hard that is the real problem. In response, Gina unravels. Jillian apologizes for her own freak out, which came about when she felt helpless. Gina then apologizes for disrespecting Jillian, and for the second time of the evening Jillian is like, "Can we just get the numbers on the scale going already?" Gina then goes from 184 to 180, for a loss of 4 pounds. The trainers all agree that that's not a Gina number, and Dolvett blames it on all the drama and distraction. Gina cries some more and asks permission to finally get out of the hot seat.

With Jeff hovering by the red line, only Francelina is left to weigh in. She wants a good number, but also doesn't want to send her paramour home. Two lovers torn asunder! She'd rather have Jeff stay, saying that he's gathering momentum but isn't quite there yet. Francelina has to lose more than 2 pounds to push Jeff below the line and stay safe herself. Worst case scenarios abound! Francie goes from 213 to 211, for a loss of just 2 pounds. This means that she's going home. Everyone is completely shocked and, I think, sad to lose her. Dolvett praises her work ethic, and says that she "gets it." Bob adds that Francelina will accept nothing but greatness from here on out. It's sad that she has to go, since they all love her, but Bob wants her to have the best life that she can ever dream of, saying that she deserves the world. Francelina smiles through tears and tells him that he's right. She's honored to have been part of this process. In the past she couldn't keep the weight off because she didn't deal with what was inside. On the ranch, she realized that if she made emotional strides and let herself be vulnerable, she'd be stronger. She's going to keep fighting, because she's worth it and deserves to be happy.

Jeff is quite upset, saying that Francie is his rock. He thought it was going to be him, and is sad to see her go. Francelina expects the best out of everyone on campus, and tells them that this is about changing their lives. She tells us that her experience on the ranch has been amazing, and she didn't think she'd make such strong strides. She's inspired by herself and what she's accomplished, and all the pounds she shed emotionally and physically. Inside, she tells us, she's a happy person who's so determined, and she feels alive and excited about the future. The show has given her her life back. And also maybe a boyfriend? The next time we see Francie, she'll be on her way to being an MD, and taking care of herself.

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