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We catch up with Francelina today. She started the show at 267 pounds, and now weighs 190 -- that's a loss of 77 pounds! She looks great, and tells us that she's managing her stress with fitness and being active. She's dancing now! And probably laughing like no one's watching. Wait, is that right? Anyway! Francie is focusing her attention on getting into medical school, and is prepping for her exams and stuff. Furthermore, she and Jeff are now officially boyfriend-girlfriend. Awwww! Francie plans on moving to Chicago with Jeff to train together for the finale.

Next week: The contestants face their deepest fears! And Sunny's fear has something to do with her mom, the precise details of which my DVR cut off. Thanks, Verizon!

If you're looking for Potes, she's in Dolvett's Dungeon. Tweet her @traciepotes or email for more tales of inspiration.

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