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Bidding Wars

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Bidding Wars

The episode starts with the members of the teams filing into the dining room. Sami calls the trainers over to a table, on which three dish covers are arrayed. They lift the lids, and show that under each one are four absolutely gorgeous cupcakes. Bob says that they were staring at him. At least a couple of them definitely have bedroom eyes. I mean, they're hot. And it turns out they kind of are! The temptation is for the trainers. Julie would like to see Jillian eat a cupcake, just for the insane novelty of it. Sami runs down the cupcakes' many charms. The winner of the temptation will give his or her team a fifteen-second advantage in the reward challenge -- but it's not about calories, it's about picking the right cupcake. Sami adds that the trainers will be participating in the challenge as well. Sami goads the Losers by saying that their trainers talk tough, and this is a chance for them to prove how tough they are. Jillian corrects her that they talk tough about working hard, not eating garbage. Sami asks how long it's been since any of the trainers even ate a cupcake. (I guess now isn't the time for me to say that Dave and I went to the Sugar Sweet Sunshine bakery on Saturday so that I could get a black and white -- and by the way? Totally worth it. It was so light, it's like I didn't even eat anything anyway. You guys, seriously? Go there. Fuck Magnolia; there's always a line around the block. But I digress. Kim and Jillian are all goody-goody, saying they don't even remember when they last had a cupcake and aren't even totally sure what a cupcake is, but Bob remembers exactly when his last one was (six months ago) -- and even then, he only ate half. Fuck, being a trainer sounds like a drag. Neil adds that cupcakes are Bob's Kryptonite -- or Cuptonite, if you will. Off Sami's questioning, Neil says he would like to see Bob eat a cupcake, but Bob's like, "Of course he does, that's how he got to be 460 pounds!" Isabeau apple-polishes that she doesn't want Jillian to eat one because she should practice what she preaches. Jillian interviews that they don't need temptations to win weigh-ins. David doesn't want Kim to eat one either. Bob is hesitant -- one in particular is "laughing at" him, he says. But he stays firm, and the trainers all resist the cupcakes, because they like to live without joy. Bob also calls out Neil for his 460-lb. starting weight, like, I know you're on a sugar contact high right now, Bob, but you don't have to be rude.

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