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Oh, but Roger will snap me out of my tears. He returns home to see his wife and son. He tells us he gets to continue his journey with the people he loves most around him. Roger's party is at a restaurant of some sort, and there's a lot of hand slapping. He is moved to have so many folks there to support him. His mom Rosalie, of the famous pepper steak, says that he seems more alive. She's very proud. Oh, fine, I guess we can like Roger for a minute, too. Paige, Roger's wife, says that it was hard to have him gone, but she knows the sacrifice now is going to pay off down the road, when he doesn't kick it in the middle of a quadruple bypass. Ivan, Roger's son, is glad to see him, because he loves him very much. Roger makes some sort of football metaphor to convince us that he's going to win.

It's time for the at-home contestants to weigh-in for the final time. But first Sami brings out Bob and Jillian! Oh, yay! Jillian is wearing heels and a black halter dress and looks foxy, if also a bit like she'd rather put on her "Disco Sucks" T-shirt and a pair of sneaks. She gives everyone big hugs. Bob is looking sharp in his suit, which features an ascot to protest the Idol outing of Michael Johns. And LTG pointed out to me that in fact it's not even a real ascot, but a tie fashioned to be ascot-like in appearance. Bob is just trying to create a distraction, so if Roger doesn't win everyone will forget that Bob is 0 for 4 against Jillian because they're so busy wondering what was around his neck. He gives the brothers an especially warm welcome. Jenni and Lynn are the first to weigh in. We get to relive their journey, which, you might recall, had some uncomfortable emotional dynamics. The montage doesn't really focus on that, though. Jenni started at 267 pounds, and now weighs 213. That's a loss of 54 pounds. Well done, Biggest Loser that I can barely remember! That's a percentage of 20.22%, which is impressive any way you look at it. Then there's Lynn. He started at a whopping 409 pounds, and has dropped to 329, for a loss of 80. That's 19.56%. Jenni is totally happy to have beaten him. And then Sami totally addresses Jenni as she says, "I love how good that makes you feel, Lynn." I know that pops has a girl name, but Sami could have done a little research such as, I don't know, hosting the show for the past 15 episodes.

Mallory hits the scale next. She and Curtis have three daughters, and Mallory wanted to be a better example for them. She started the competition at 217 pounds, and now weighs 152. That's a loss of 65 pounds, or 29.95%. She really looks great -- totally healthy, and not like she lost the weight too fast or anything. Curtis is next, and we are reminded again about his quest to get health insurance. He had lost 100 pounds at the weigh-in to determine who got to come back to the show, and needed to lose an additional 60 to meet the insurance maximum. 238 is the magic number. Curtis started at 381, and has dropped to 231! That's a difference of 150, and means that Blue Cross can suck it and pony up. Bob and Jillian are so excited, as is Mallory. Curtis has lost 39.37% of his body weight.

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