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Biggest Loser Revealed in Season Finale

Oh, and then we have Trent, who started off tied for the heaviest contestant in Biggest Loser history. Trent has an adorable son named Lincoln, which provided extra incentive for him to get in shape. Trent has to have lost more than 191 pounds to take the lead from Dan. He started at 436 pounds, and now weighs 301. That's 135 pounds, which is no small feat! Dan, however, is still the biggest at-home loser thus far.

Next we have Bernie! Yay! Berndana! He was a big aficionado of the dollar menu, and generally hilarious and charming. He has a new grasp on life, and is not going back to the lethargic person he used to be. Bernie has to lose more than 124 pounds to beat Dan. He started at 283 pounds. As he mugs on the scale, he learns that he's dropped to 153. That's a difference of 130 pounds! Yay! Jillian has a look of absolute pride, then later the camera unfortunately catches her picking food out of her teeth with her tongue or something. I think it's all a result of the stress of wearing a dress. But whatever, still hot, Jill, still hot. Bernie's total percentage of weight lost is 45.84%. Woo! I love him. And then there's Brittany! She wanted to look back on her 20's and not think that they sucked. She seems to have become a bit of an adrenaline junkie, and I would imagine she enjoys looking steamy hot. Brittany started at 221 pounds, and has now dropped to 164. That's a loss of 57 pounds, or 25.79%. Not as huge as the numbers of some of the other folks, but she looks phenomenal and healthy.

Jay is up next. He had been considering some sort of gastric bypass surgery before coming on the show! I didn't realize that. He has two kids, and wanted to set a good example for them. He's loving his new healthy life. He started at 293, and now weighs 190, for a loss of 103 pounds. That's 35.15%. He's pumped, and looking slender! Bernie is still the biggest at-home loser so far, with only Mark to weigh-in. Bernie knows that Mark is an incredible competitor, and has been kicking his butt all season. He thinks it's terrific that they'll get to go head to head one last time. Mark has kids that he loves, too, and knows that even though it's hard to be away from them, this will benefit them in the end. He really looks like a whole different person. It's amazing. Mark needs to have lost 130 pounds. This is gonna be a close one! He started at 285, and drops to 156. That's a difference of 129 pounds! And the season of a pound comes to a close with Bernie winning $100K. Mark gives Bernie a huge hug, and even picks him up and twirls him around. Bernie is bawling! Jillian gives him a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek, and Bob starts to think, "Oh, shit."

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