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"Biggest Loser" Revealed In Season Finale!

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"Biggest Loser" Revealed In Season Finale!

And then we have Phil, the former football player, who seems like he doesn't have a shot at beating Jim until you see how huuuuuge he was at the start of the season. Phil wins the hotness competition over Jim, for sure, though. He doesn't even remotely look like he has a terminal illness. He has to lose more than 207 pounds to beat Jim. He started at 403, and his current weight is 258, for a loss of 145. Still awesome. It's 35.98%. Good, but not good enough to best Jim. I think that one vein in Jim's forehead weighs six pounds. Oh, and then my personal favorite, Jez. Sami says that when Jez first came to the show he had a lot of pain bottled up inside him, but he let it go and the weight went with it. Was that really necessary? Oh, I guess it was, since Jez's vignette shows that he did indeed have a lot of pain and self-confidence issues. Jez has to lose more than 177 pounds to take the lead. He goes from 345 to 195, for a loss of 150. He lets out a big whoop, and Jillian scowls with happiness and pride. It's 42.48%. Jez's mom yells, "My boy!" from the audience. Awwww. I love him! If he were a surgeon, I'd call him Dr. McJizzy.

Next is Cowboy David. He has a beautiful wife he thought he didn't deserve. Awww. I think what David needs to take him to the next level is a makeover. The ill-fitting Garth Brooks style button-down shirt is not his friend, in places low or high. TEAM LACHEY! What? He has to lose 189 pounds to beat Jim. He started at 368 pounds, and now weighs 228, for a loss of 140. His hot wife cheers from the audience. It's 38.04%, which is still, like, a vat of fat. Ryan is next, and looking mighty cute. Losing weight has given him the confidence to ease up on the hair grease, which is also helping to save the planet. The Biggest Losers, still going green. Ryan has to lose more than 192 pounds to beat Jim. He started at 374, and now weighs 241, for a loss of 133. Bob gives him a big hand. Amy is next, still looking fly with her new short haircut. Wow, she was pretty big when she started. She has to lose more than 153 pounds to beat Jim. I mean, good luck. She goes from 297 to 171, for a loss of 126. That is pretty awesome. She's almost in Tyra Banks range! It's 42.42%. Wow! I bet Kim wants to eat her shoe right now. Jillian gives her a big hand.

And then, Kae, who maybe has a shot at beating Jim. She is definitely a total hottie either way. The Biggest Loser has given her self-worth, confidence, and empowerment. Good times. Kae has to lose more than 115 pounds to beat Jim. She goes from 225 to 128, for a loss of 97, which is 43.11%. Awesome, but not quite good enough. If only she'd had Anthony Badalamenti, Ph.D. on her side. With every contestant Jim beats, Anthony Badalamenti gets another degree. And then we have big sweet Bryan, the last member of the Red Team standing. He has to lose more than 178 pounds to take the lead in the $100,000 competition. He goes from 346 to 224, for a loss of 122, which is 35.26%. And that's Dr. Anthony Badalamenti, Ph.D., D. Min to you. Nicole is up next, looking so very pretty. I have to say, she was the one who I didn't suspect had a fox lying within. Well done, my little barfly! I really love that losing all the weight gave her the confidence to go out and enjoy the nightlife on the disco round. Nicole needs to lose more than 143 pounds. She goes from 279 to 174, for a loss of 105. She feels great. It's 37.63%, which is awesome, but still not enough to beat Jim. Dr. Anthony Badalamenti, Ph.D., D. Min, J.D., Hon. M.S.W says, "You're welcome."

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