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"Biggest Losers" Go Green

Sami drops the bomb that, in accordance with Green Week, the contestants will be working out with equipment that uses no electricity at all. Will they also turn off the electricity in the house, or recycle the batteries that Sami runs on? Yeah, didn't think so.

Kae runs and pouts, runs and pouts. She wonders if Amy has the work ethic that it takes, or is just trying to get a free ride. Well, it's not like Amy actually chose Kae, so you could cut her a little bit of slack. Oh, except she's napping on the couch. Hey, at least she doesn't have a Twizzler hanging out of her mouth. She might have forgotten the words to "Bridge Over Troubled Water" again, though.

When the trainers come in to meet the contestants, Jillian is so happy to see Hollie that she practically gives her a lap dance. She's wearing a "Disco Sucks" shirt. Oh, how I long to introduce her to the wonders of "Knock on Wood" and a dirty martini. The contestants tell the trainers who the duos are, and Bob interviews that it's obvious that Kae's a target, and he'll push her to new limits if he has to to keep her safe. Bryan and Kim have a little tête-à-tête in which she paints a pretty dire picture of what's happening. She says it's a disaster, and sort of places the blame on the fact that the Red Team was too strong. Yeah, that's totally what happened. She admits that if Bryan goes, she goes, which is pretty scary. AND AWESOME. She then gives Bryan a lecture about his nutrition, saying that she doesn't know what else she can do besides open his mouth and spoon in food. Way to treat your trainee like an adult. Oddly enough, it turns out that Bryan actually isn't eating enough for the amount that he's training. It sounds counterintuitive, but it's basically like he's driving with no fuel. Shoulda had a slice of the meatza. Kim is typically shrill and annoying about the whole situation.

Kae, meanwhile, pouts some more until Bob notices, and then some more until Nicole tells Bob that Kae is upset, and then when Bob asks about it, she pouts that she's fine. Kae seemed so cool until she got really annoying. In any case, she has reservations about Amy as her teammate, and also is upset that she is basically a marked woman. Bob is all, "You go girl!" and "Girl, you gotta own it!" and actually makes an X on her back with black tape. Kae tells us she decided to own being marked for elimination, per Bob's advice. Kae's not skeered.

Jillian and her Black Team eat organically all the time, because Jillian is awesome, and they talk about how foods with toxins, pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics are bad not only for your body, but for the planet. Jillian also tells her team that they should buy local, because of all the money in gas this saves. And, um, fuel emissions. Or money, whatever, Jillian is always right, whee! I'll take Jillian to my local grocer anytime, if you catch my drift. Though I have to say that in my attempt to buy local and organic, I accidentally bought a $14 jar of honey at Whole Foods last week, which made me go a whole array of colors besides green.

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