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"Biggest Losers" Go Green

Meanwhile, it's time to exercise with no electricity! HOW WILL THEY DO IT? I'm on the edge of my seat...oh look! I just fell into a squat. Couldn't have done it if I didn't have lights, though. Bob and his trainees climb a mountain, while Kim goes "back to basics" by having Bryan use the natural resistance of the electricity-less treadmill. That's how early man got such killer quads. If they got into a bind, Kim could probably power the exercise room with the energy generated from her giant implants. Jillian has her team lift weights and throw medicine balls and do squats and such. Julie says that Jillian loves to be green, and also loves to make them green, physically. She even quotes Kermit The Frog. Julie is a riot. Jillian has Julie do some reps on an exercise ball, and tells her to shut up whenever she yells. Those two should sign up for The Amazing Race, pronto.

And then, product placement! Who could go for a Jennie-O turkey burger? Bob could! It really tickles his gizzard.

Before you know it, it's challenge time! Sami has the contestants gaze upon containers from all the bad foods they'd love to eat in a year, then tells them there's one thing they all consumed in excess. Yes, it's aluminum cans. At least their iron count is good. Trucks dump out 148,000 empty cans, which Sami says is the garbage they have accumulated as a group in their lifetimes so far, just from drinking soda cans [sic]. The challenge for the week sees each duo dumping as many cans as they can into a recycling bin, via a ramp. There are about 100 yards between the pile of cans and the ramp that leads to the bins, which means a lot of running. But if they get hot, they can always drink a refreshing soda can! The team that gets the most cans in their bin in 30 minutes wins. And what do they win, you may ask? A pair of Ford Escape Hybrid SUVs. Everyone is drooling. Bill says all he can think of is Julie's compelling tale of all she had to sacrifice to be a stay-at-home mom. Julie herself tells us, tearfully, that she wanted to be a stay-at-home mom more than anything, but the only way they could afford it was to get rid of a car. And I cheeseburgers hoo. A bus pass is, like, $25 a month. Look into it. I get that she's probably stuck at home a lot, but the flip side of that is that she doesn't have to work. And if giving up a car has enabled her to stay at home for YEARS, I'd say it was probably worth it.

The duos start the challenge. Amy and Kae have a tag-team method, while the others all just take lots of cans in their shirts and whatnot and make their way up the ramp. We see a lot of belly skin and man-boobs, in addition to all the cans. Bill tells us that this was one of the more exhausting challenges, and perhaps one of the toughest half-hours he's had in his life. He is soaked in sweat. Julie really wants the car, because for her, it means freedom, and it's all about the sacrifice she made several years ago. Now, if she had to sell an arm to stay home, and was about to win a prosthetic limb, I could see the reason for the tears. "I can finally play patty-cake with my child!" "I've sacrificed the ability to give a double high-five for so many years!" Etc.

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