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"Biggest Losers" Go Green

And then, 50 minutes of weigh-in! The female contestants get to wear cute non-dookie colored green tank tops. Yay. Everyone feels nervous, because nobody's slacking anymore, and Julie says it's like drawing straws to see who goes below the yellow line. Sami takes the contestants on a trip down memory lane, and commends them on their hard work. But, alas, the game is still on. The duo with the lowest percentage of weight lost will fall below the yellow line and will be up for elimination.

Kaemon and Garchunkel are up first. We get a before and after shot of Kae, and it's really pretty impressive how great she looks. Kae started the competition at 225 pounds. Last week she was 168 and is now at 163, for a loss of 5 pounds. Kae, always an overachiever, was really hoping for 7. Amy started the competition at 297 pounds. Last week she was 254, and this week has dropped to 245, for a loss of 9. She and Kae are both happy. Oh, yay! Kae says this has changed her perspective of Amy, and she was proud of her. Their combined weight loss percentage is 3.32%, which means they hopefully won't be slip-sliding out of the competition. Amy is beaming. Oh, good times.

Hollie and Bryan need to lose more than 16 pounds to beat Kae and Amy. Hollie weighed 255 pounds when she started the competition. Last week she was at 218, and now has dropped to 212, for a loss of 6. Bryan started the competition at 346 pounds, and also is impressively smaller. He went from 289 to 278 for a loss of 11 pounds, which means he and Hollie are safe at 3.35%. He's proud and relieved, and hopes to continue to represent the Red Team.

Nicole and Neil are next. They have to lose more than 19 pounds to beat Amy and Kae. Nicole is first up. She started the competition at 279 pounds. She kind of looks the same, I have to say, despite having already lost over 40 pounds. She goes from 235 to 229 for a loss of 6. Neil started the competition at 421 pounds. Yikes, I forgot about that. He goes from 339 to 321, for a loss of 18. This means a) that he and Nicole are safe; b) he has lost over 100 pounds. Wow. Good for the bastard, I say. Neil is only the fifth person in Biggest Loser history to lose 100 pounds before going home. And he's not done yet! Their total percentage lost is 4.18%, which puts them in first place. Kae and Amy are starting to get nervous.

Ryan and Isabeau are up, and need to lose more than 18 pounds to stay safe from elimination. Isabeau started the competition at 298 pounds. Last week she was 255, and her current weight is 246, for a loss of 9. She's very happy about the loss, and to be closer to 200 pounds than 300 for the first time in a long while. Kae's feeling pretty dire right about now, and Ryan is feeling confident. He started at 374 pounds. Last week he was at 308, and has dropped to 302, for a loss of only 6. Oooh, sad times for them. Ryan says he was really disappointed, and felt guilty for dragging Isabeau down with him. Amy says she was relieved not to be going up for elimination, but adds that it's hard to be happy when you see the disappointment on someone else's face. Eh, not that hard, I say. Isabeau and Ryan's total percentage is 2.66, and they're in last place for now.

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