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"Biggest Losers" Go Green

This leaves Bill and Julie, who have to lose more than 11 pounds. Seems easy, right? Unless they had a victory celebration drive-through run. Bill tells us that he knows he's a target, and there's no reason he won't be taken out if he drops below the yellow line. Bill started the competition at 334 pounds, and really looks great compared to his "before" photo. He goes from 251 to 242, for a loss of 9. See, with all this talk about Kae and Neil being threats, I feel like they haven't really given Bill his due. If he doesn't get chopped, I think he could win it. Bill is psyched to get below 250. It all comes down to Julie, who needs to lose more than two pounds. She hates being last, because it's so much pressure, and has in the back of her mind the fact that during week one she only lost two pounds. Julie started the competition at 218 pounds. Last week she was at 186 and now weighs 180, for a loss of 6. Nice job! She's happy, but it also hurts to know she's pushed Isabeau below the yellow line. Bill and Julie lost 3.43%, which means they came in second place for the week. And, of course, Isabeau and Ryan will be going to the elimination room. If the other contestants are anything like us, they'll forget that Ryan is even there.

The next day, Bryan gives Kim the bad news...that she'll have to deal with him for another week. She's so happy with his 11-pound loss, and commends him for turning all the pressure into something amazing. Bob is flabbergasted that Ryan only lost six pounds. Neil says that part of the reason he and Nicole put Ryan and Isabeau together was that they were a strong pair, and that would hopefully keep Ryan safe. Neil points out that if the vote is a tie, the person with the lowest percentage will go home, and that's still Ryan. Oh, Ryan looks so sad when he says this, it just breaks my heart. Ryan says he's not prepared to go home, and doesn't think it's a done deal. He's going to have his friends fight for him, and try to convince people it's a good idea to keep him around. Bob tells him to talk to whomever he needs to talk to, and adds that he'd miss him. Awwww.

Isabeau, meanwhile, tells Jillian and the Black Team + Amy that she trusts nobody. Amy and Hollie hope she doesn't really mean that, but she says that seems to be the general trend. Julie says that Isabeau is paranoid, and has every right to be, since she's on the elimination block. Isabeau says this is her third time on the block, and the second time she's been specifically targeted. But…was she really targeted this time? I don't think so. Isabeau says that nobody else understands the position she's in. Jillian says she understands. Isabeau is kind of a pill. She's nervous, but hopes that people pull through for her. She starts crying, and tells her teammates that she really can only trust them 90%. Jillian tells her that everyone in the room has been true to their word. Amy kind of looks around and bites her nail. Whoops!

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