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"Biggest Losers" Go Green

His family has a little party for him, and they all seem really sweet. His dad also has quite a head of hair. Ryan says that he does feel the slightest bit guilty about missing time with his family, but he thinks it means that they'll have more time together in the end. He emotionally adds that it's not about food and exercise, but what's in your head, and that's the growth that he's most proud of. He reiterates his love for his wife and blah blah blah, it's really sweet. It's honestly more than he's said all season! Today, Ryan weighs 265 pounds, for a total loss of 109 pounds. He looks sooooo much skinnier in the face especially. He feels in control of his life and his body for the first time, and that's empowering. He probably is having killer sex for the first time in a while, too, which makes a body feel good as well. He holds up a pair of his old pants up to him, and they're giant compared to his frame now. And did I mention the world's cutest baby? Yay, Ryan!

Next week: Neil is apparently still a douche...but he's not the only one!

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