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The Biggest Loser begins, as it often does, with a healthy serving of dramatic music. Kristin can't believe she made it through the last elimination and says that even though it was sad to see poor, gimpy Laura go, she's happy to have dodged a big ol' bullet. Tara meanwhile, is happy about nothing. Helen asks her if she's alright. Tara is not alright, and it actually surprises her. She didn't realize how dependent she was upon Laura, and in a video diary Laura cries that she's scared the others are going to take her out and that she can't trust anyone. Both of those things are true, by the way. She adds that the house just played a game, and Laura was a chess piece. Maybe, but she was a chess piece with, like, the little castle part at the top all cracked and broken off. Meanwhile, Filipe notes that Tara has never been below the yellow line as part of a team or individual. It's also getting down to the wire. There are 6 players left, and four will be in the finals. Mike and Ron are the only team still intact (which, WTF?), and even Kristin says that together they're deadly.

Jillian, wearing a green puffy jacket in support, goes to Tara's room to talk to her. As it turns out, Jillian told Mike to send Laura home, and Tara is floored by this fact. Jillian tells us that Mike asked her what to do. Given that Laura was gravely injured and being on the show was dangerous to her, she had to go. It's not fair to the other players that need to be here, and is beyond the game. Tara admonishes Jillian for telling Mike to vote off Laura with Laura standing right there, and Jillian flips out, yelling, "Tara, she can't walk! It's not safe! Don't be so selfish!" Ooh, burn. Jillian says that she's competitive when it's safe and fair, but this was not safe. She then screams, "It's not all about you!" Ooh, double burn. Jillian is also sick of Tara whining about how she's a target and a victim. She interviews, "Who cares? Embrace it!" Welcome to the world of being successful. Jump on in, the water's fine.

Jillian tells Tara that what she's feeling now is about herself and not Laura. She feels alone, helpless, scared and unsupported. Tara can hardly even talk. Basically, it's getting down to the end, and she's scared that she's made it this far and will be eliminated. Jillian tells her that Laura needed to go home for reals, and this is the time for Tara to nut up and focus on herself. They hug and confess their undying love for each other and we get to move on.

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