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Anyway, it's time to play the game. Question 1 is, "According to the packaging, how many servings are in this 7.5 inch pizza?" Oh, dear. The choices are one, two, four and eight. Please tell me it's one. I eat that shit all the time. According to the Institute, there are EIGHT SERVINGS in the pizza. Damn. The pizza has 1944 calories and 88 grams of fat. Well. I might change my shopping strategy after this. In any case, no one got this question right. Question 2: "Which fat is the heart-healthiest to use in cooking?" The choices are butter, vegetable oil, olive oil and transfat-free margarine. Everyone chooses olive oil, except for Ron. Helen thinks he's an idiot and has the potential quote of the day with, "You picked transfat-free margarine? What the hell is that?" Clearly, olive oil is the correct answer, and if you ever theorized that Ron is a dumb-ass you were just proven correct.

Question three is, "Which ground meat has the least amount of fat?" The choices are extra lean ground beef, ground chicken, ground turkey breast, ground veal, and lean ground turkey. Oooh, the dual turkeys are throwing me off on this one. The Institute researcher tells us that ground turkey breast has the least amount of fat. Ron, Mike and Kristin get this one right. It turns out that ground turkey breast has 1% fat, ground beef and lean ground turkey have 7%, veal has 8%, and ground chicken has 11%. This is because skin is included in ground chicken. That's why it tastes so bumpy. Kristin and Mike are tied with two points each as we go to the final question: "How many extra steps do people who wear a pedometer walk daily?" The choices are 150, 700, 1100 and 2000. How can they tell if the other people don't wear pedometers? Tara has no idea, so goes with the scan-tron standard strategy of picking C when in doubt. The answer actually is 2000. Kristin, Ron, Helen and Mike get this right, and Kristin and Mike have a tiebreaker to determine the winner. The question is, "How many calories are in this fried, fast-food fish sandwich with tartar sauce?" The person who gets closest without going over wins. Mike goes component by component from lettuce to bread to tartar sauce to fish. All added up, that equals 635 calories. Kristin guesses 435. Mike suspects that he went way over, and Kristin agrees. But as it turns out, the correct answer is 640! On The Price Is Right, I think Mike would have gotten a bonus $100 for that. He wins the trip! And it's all due to fast food. Kristin is pissed, and notes that she'd have a lot more fun in New York than youngster goody two-shoes Mike.

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