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Ron is next. He goes from 302 to 298, for a loss of 4 pounds. He's reached his goal of being under 300 pounds, and is thrilled. Mike runs up to Ron and gives him a huge hug, noting that he's accomplished the goal he set for himself and the competition isn't even over. Ron lost 1.32%. Helen is next. She lost 7 pounds last week, and doesn't know if she can have good numbers two weeks in a row. She will have to have lost 4 pounds to be safe this week. She goes from 162 to 161 for a loss of 1 or .62%. Ooh, sad times. She cries as she tells us that she worked so hard this week, and doesn't understand it. Tara is safe, meanwhile, and totally made the right decision with the money! Well done. Mike is next on the scale and needs to have lost more than 3 pounds to stay safe. He goes from 243 to 235 for a loss of 8 or 3.29%. Aw, good for him. I wouldn't mind seeing him take the whole thing. Filipe is next. He also needs to have lost more than 3 pounds. He goes from 247 to 244, for a loss of 3 or 1.21%. Ooh, not out of the woods. Miraculously, Ron is safe and Helen is below the yellow line. Finally, Kristin weighs in. She needs to have lost more than 2 pounds to stay safe. She goes from 243 to 244 for a gain of a pound. Not good. Everyone is shocked and Kristin says that this makes no sense to her. Bob pipes in and adds that Kristin has been unbelievable this week. Kristin cries, and Sami looks very sad to tell her that she's below the yellow line. Kristin wonders if all the pressure that she put on herself led her to this position. Jillian interviews that Kristin and Helen kill themselves every day, and this is a bad scenario. Bob agrees, saying that neither woman deserved to be below the yellow line.

Helen tells the other Losers that she doesn't want to go, and adds what an important experience this has been for her. She believes in this place, and people there believe in her. Kristin can't believe she's sitting in this spot again, and is very angry. She worked so hard, and doesn't know what happened. Both women are very emotional. Kristin wants a moment to talk to Ron alone. Mike, meanwhile, is caught in a bit of a bind, since he loves both Kristin and Helen, and because Kristin poses a big threat to him. He doesn't know if he still wants her to be there. Kristin wants to talk to Ron, because Ron has said he will never write Kristin's name down. She wants to make sure that's still true. She has the lowest percentage of weight lost, so if it comes to a tie, she's gone. Ron assures her that he'll keep his promise. He always has Kristin's back. Mike, however, is a different matter. Ron says that he'll talk to his son and do what he can. Kristin interviews that it will be very obvious what the Brown team's intentions are by the way they vote tonight. Do they care about money, or weight loss? I mean, they probably care about both if talking about themselves.

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