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The temptation starts! Mark instantly starts downing caramels, saying he's not going to let members of his team be picked away. As they're each in voting-booth-like contraptions -- shout-out, Super Tuesday! -- they can't see if the other contestants are eating. However, Brittany thinks she hears Mark smacking his lips. Seriously, how is it even possible to eat that many caramels? I think eventually your jaw would just lock. In Mark's case, that would be a plus. Eat on, my brother! Eventually, Brittany starts to stuff her face. She says she was literally pulling back from barfing, because it was disgusting. Bernie contemplates a chocolate with longing.

With their allotted five minutes up, Sami goes down the row and asks each contestant to announce how many candies he or she ate. Dan, Maggie, and Jackie ate zero. Bernie ate zero, but has candies plastered all over his face. He explains that his game plan was to get as close to the chocolates as possible without eating them, and he feels like he accomplished that. Er, way to set realizable goals? Trent ate zero chocolates. Brittany, however, ate fifteen. She interviews that she doesn't want her team to change, and that's why she ate the chocolates. She thinks that her team is strong enough and can do it. Jay and Kelly ate zero while Paul, never one to pass up a tipple, ate three. Roger ate one. And then there's Mark. He ate 43 chocolates, or 1,118 calories. Jesus. I bet Sami didn't do that math in her head. Brittany bends down to throw up.

The power is in Mark's hands, making the other folks nervous. Jackie thinks this is his opportunity to split up her and Dan. Mark explains that what he did was pure strategy -- he likes the teams the way they are, so everything is going to stay as it is. No switches. The Blue Team looks happy. Brittany looks slightly ill.

And speaking of Mark, his right shin has been bothering him. He heads to the doctor, who tells him that he has a stress fracture. This means no running or walking on the treadmill, and no elliptical. Mark realizes that if he doesn't continue with his weight loss, he might not be there for very long. One can only hope. I mean, not that I'd wish a stress fracture on anyone. A painful head wound, maybe, but never a stress fracture.

Meanwhile, Dan, the Biggest Loser of the week, climbs up the big hill to get his prize. He is faced with three envelopes. Usually the envelopes are marked "luxury," "family," and "gameplay," but this time something is different -- all three are marked "family." He turns around and exclaims, "Shut up!" when he sees...his brother, Joe! Joe is one of Dan's two older brothers, and Dan is gratified when Joe notices how he's changed. It's very motivating for him. Joe is impressed when he hears that Jackie is most likely in the middle of running her 10K. The two brothers enter the gym to find Jackie, and she is overjoyed to see Joe. They both start crying. Joe is shocked to see how amazing Jackie looks, and impressed to hear that Dan lost 50 pounds and Jackie lost 40. As the three of them walk together, Dan says that he won Joe for them. It's a happy family reunion, even if Joe's hair makes him look like a member of Rascal Flatts.

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