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And then it's nutrition time! Jillian wants her team to drink milk. It does a body good. A glass of fat-free milk has 80 calories and 8 grams of protein. They toast to eating healthy. At least Jillian didn't agree to have a milk moustache. Or maybe she got all paranoid and roid-y and waxed it off before anyone could see.

Mark returns home from the doctor and tells Bob his diagnosis. He basically can't do anything with his lower body except for the bike and the pool. Bob isn't worried, and trusts Mark. Those 1,100 caramel calories might sound like a bad idea in retrospect right about now. Mark is prepared to do what he can, and Bob knows it's up to him to know how to work the body to get the results when someone has an injury. Bob tells Mark that he's the strongest one there, and Mark replies not to worry, because they won't have to do any therapy sessions. Yeah, that should be saved for guys who totally sound like wife-beaters when they're talking to their younger brothers. Oh, wait.

Back at the family reunion, Dan tries on Joe's size-36 jeans. The good news, says Dan, is that they fit. The bad news for Joe is that they look better on Dan. Dan is working it as he shows off his strong, sexy legs. It's awesome to see how happy and confident he is. Joe, with his voice cracking, interviews how proud he is of his family, and how unbelievable their transformations are. Jackie's homesickness is relieved, because she knows everything is fine at home. She's ready to put her head down and get going.

The contestants, in full-on workout gear, come prepared for their challenge. However, it turns out that today they're not going to need all of that athletic wear, because they're cooking! No matter how hard I try to get away from Padma Lakshmi, she just pulls me back in. Moreover, the teams will be judged by professional chef Rocco Dispirito. Paul's cooking experience is limited to throwing hot dogs in boiling water for Kelly, so he's intimidated. Each team will have to cook a three-course meal chosen from recipes that Rocco has provided. The teams will have to figure out a way to make these recipes a little healthier, and Rocco will judge the meals based on taste and nutrition. Roger tells us that the Blue Team felt confident because they had the "cookers" on their team. The winning team will have dinner made for them by Rocco, and will also get some special prizes from home.

Each team has 15 minutes to pull together the necessary ingredients from Whole Foods. Jay lays out the Blue Team's menu: scallops wrapped in turkey bacon, salmon on a cucumber salad, and a dessert featuring oranges. The Black Team will cook a shrimp appetizer, beef main course, and a fruit and yogurt dessert. Whole Food stresses everyone out, and not only because of the tempting $18 jar of organic jam placed perilously close to the checkout counter. Damn you, tempting jam! They have to look at the calories and fat content of everything, which is difficult given the time constraints. The Black Team forgets cinnamon sticks, and Bernie makes a mad dash to get them. Is anyone else feeling nostalgic for Supermarket Sweep right now? ["Now and every day, my friend." -- Sars] These jokers would never stand a chance, given their reluctance to throw six whole hams and/or packs of diapers in their carts. If you're serious about the Sweep, you head straight for the hams.

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