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Back in the kitchen, the contestants are introduced to Rocco DiSpirito, who relates to them because he recently lost 30 pounds. It's an impressive statistic for a twelve-year-old. Wikipedia tells me that he's 41, but he seriously looks like Ron Weasley. Sami tells the contestants that they'll have 15 minutes to present the appetizer, then must present the entrée 15 minutes later, with dessert presented 10 minutes after that. The teams are off! It is chaos. Mark and Jay work on the scallop dish, while Paul and Maggie work on turkey-bacon-wrapped shrimp. Paul is in charge of the decorative elements of the dish. Jay's skills are limited to cereal and toast, and he has some issues with how to work the microwave. Paul, meanwhile, has fashioned a palm tree out of carrots and a green pepper. Bernie grimaces, but in fact it's kind of awesome. What can I say, I err on the side of the delightfully tacky. Each team is unsure if their seafood is actually done enough. Have we read anything recently about Rocco Despirito being felled by hepatitis A or vibrio vulnificus?

Maggie presents the Black Team's shrimp, sautéed in I Can't Believe It's Not Butter and wrapped in turkey bacon. And then my sound totally cuts out for a second as Paul explains the veggie palm tree! Boo. Mark and Jay removed the butter, corn meal, and eggs from their scallop appetizer, substituting olive oil and adding caramelized onions on top. Rocco asks the Blue Team if they tasted their appetizer. They didn't, although Paul did try his shrimp. Rocco samples each appetizer, and neither team knows how well they did. Rocco tells Sami he's impressed that each team was able to turn out a dish in 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, the teams are busy preparing entrees. Bernie and Brittany make a four-ounce filet mignon with mashed sweet potatoes and a handful of salad and balsamic dressing. They put a tablespoon of bleu cheese on the filet, which they say adds about 35 calories. Rocco seems impressed. Dan and Jackie prepare wild salmon on a cucumber salad. They exchanged the sugar in the recipe for Stevia, a sugar substitute. Rocco is again stone-faced as he tastes each meal, though Dan thinks he catches a twinkle in Rocco's eye when he eats the salmon. After the teams leave, Rocco tells Sami that they're both pretty good.

Lastly, of course, we have dessert. One team member down, the Black Team relies solely on Kelly, while Roger and Trent take it for the Blue Team. Trent tells us that he and Roger are there to dispel the rumor that football players are no good in the kitchen. Maybe Tom Brady should take this to heart and try some cooking therapy this spring to cure his inevitable depression? Paul wonders why Kelly didn't make desserts like hers when they were married. Kelly is feeling cocky about the dessert, and hopes she doesn't regret it. Her fruit and yogurt concoction does look delicious. It features yogurt instead of pudding and Xylitol, another sugar substitute, as a sweetener. It also has strawberries and clementines. Trent and Roger went for a tropical theme, featuring fresh oranges with sangria instead of Jack Daniels. They have Stevia as a sweetener and unsalted butter, along with yogurt and cinnamon. Rocco tastes each, again with very little expression.

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