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Rocco tallies the results. He tells the teams that all the dishes were good-tasting, so it was a tough decision. He's going to have to get down to the calorie issue. He asks Roger and Trent what they were thinking putting three tablespoons of butter in their dessert. That butter is delicious? He explains that unsalted butter doesn't actually have fewer calories. The Xylitol in Kelly's dish was a little heavy-handed, leaving an aftertaste. Bernie's bleu cheese on the filet was genius, says Rocco, and he loved Jackie and Dan's cucumber salad. In the end, the Blue Team's calories were 1,177. Just slightly more than if you ate 43 caramels! The Black Team's total was 787 calories. But who will win?

We'll find out in a minute, but first, let us take a look at the primary results as of 9 PM. On the Republican side, John McCain, known as the bleu cheese of frontrunners, wins New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, and New Jersey. Meanwhile, Mike Huckabee takes the states that really can't believe it's not butter: Iowa, Alabama, Arkansas, and West Virginia. Mitt Romney wins the states who enjoy their salmon served on a piping hot bed of monobrow: Wyoming, Michigan, Nevada, Maine, and Massachusetts. And then the Democrats! Hillary Clinton, known as "the Stevia Nicks of politics," takes New Hampshire, Michigan, Nevada, Florida, Arkansas, Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. Barack Obama, meanwhile, himself no stranger to the message of change inherent in a decorative veggie palm tree, has won Iowa, South Carolina, Georgia, and Illinois. I have such primary fatigue that it took me a minute to realize that these lists included states whose primaries / caucuses were weeks ago. Damn you, Russert!

Okay, back to the show. The Black Team wins! It's a good motivator for them. They show up for their dinner with Rocco, which also includes a bit of a cooking lesson. You can throw peppers right on an open flame! I would totally catch my house on fire if I tried that. Oooh! And Rocco cooks lentils in chicken stock. I have been eating a ton of lentils lately -- now I know how to give them actual flavor! Thank you, Rocco! The Black Team also cooks chicken in garlic sauce, some filet mignon with curry sauce, and a tasty-looking noodle dish. They're all feeling great about their dinner, and their ability to cook tasty yet low-cal meals when they get home.

And then it's time for part two of the reward. Everyone sits together in the living room to watch their videos from home. Brittany gets an emotional video from her mom, who reminds her how strong she is. Bernie's girlfriend and his dog tell him how much they miss him. The dog is freaking adorable! Bernie says that there have been times when he's felt low about his weight, but his girlfriend always looks at him like he's the most handsome man in the world. Awwww. I guess his girlfriend is adorable too. Maggie gets a message from her sister and her mom, both of whom miss her. Her mom says that Maggie is the one she's always proud of. Paul gets a message from...his mom? And her Chihuahua? And...some random dude? And her wig? Mom says that when Paul emerges he'll be a lot healthier, and that will make him a winner.

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