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Kelly gets a message from her mom, which of course makes her cry. A strong breeze from the east makes her cry. And then! It's the moment we've all been waiting for as Kelly's boyfriend gives his greeting. He's, like, kind of handsome for an older dude. I mean, I'm sure he can't rock the kung fu outfit like Paul, but he certainly knows how to work a Trebek moustache. He misses Kelly so much -- he misses her presence, her heart, her smile. He also misses her kisses and misses her AT NIGHT. Is there really a need for all that, Trebek Junior? You know Paul's going to be watching! In any case, T.J. misses her and loves her.

Now it's Paul's turn to start crying. He interviews that he can't even tell us what it does to him inside to hear Trebek Junior talk about kissing her and all that, and starts crying again. He can't take it, he says, because he still loves Kelly. Back in the living room, he tells Kelly that it devastates him to see that. Kelly emotionally replies that she doesn't want anything taken away from her moment, and Paul's confession of feeling does just that. He apologizes, but adds that it's hard to hear another man talk about kissing his wife. Kelly points out that she's not his wife anymore. Burn, baby, burn. But, like, true. He cuts her off by saying that he's sorry. He's all short about it, though, so you know he's really not.

Kelly tearfully interviews that Paul's a good man, but he's not her life partner. That's not his fault, she says, and it's not her fault either. Paul tells Kelly that he will always love her, but he doesn't think it would ever work out. He wishes her joy. And happiness. But above all this, he wishes her love. So much for that long-awaited reconciliation we've been hoping for. ...Okay, I was really the only one hoping for that, huh? I can't help it -- I love a good turmoil-laden romance! Paul says that this is a great thing to have done with Kelly, and that he's on the way to saving his life and she helped him to get there. Kelly couldn't think of anyone better to do this with, either, probably because her boyfriend is already all skinny and perfect.

Last-chance workout! Roger says that Blue needs to win to demoralize Black. Hey! That's not nice. Jillian interviews that she's not going to let the Black Team become extinct without a fight. If Bob leaves at 10, she'll leave at midnight, she says. She won't take one second off. Mark of course has his injury, which limits his exercise, and Paul is extra motivated since he gained weight last week. Jackie tells us that she's in it to win it. I believe it.

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