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In the hour that the Blue Team has to prepare, Jackie heads into Roger and Trent's room and asks Trent if he'll think they don't love him if they vote for him. She notes that he's been pretty homesick, and says that when he wins the $100,000 at home, they'll all come to his town and celebrate. Roger and Trent kind of laugh at her to her face. Jackie heads into Mark and Jay's room and says that Trent's okay going home, so they should all just vote for him. It's a perilous strategy that she's employing, mostly because it's not really a strategy at all. She interviews that she doesn't really trust her team. To wit, she asks Mark and Jay to swear on their children's lives that they'd never vote for her and Dan without telling them first. They swear, but afterwards Mark looks perturbed.

Elimination! Mark is immune, sadly. Jackie votes first, for Trent. Dan, a good mama's boy as always, follows suit. Trent gets to cast his vote, and does so for someone he sees as a threat. It's Jackie. Roger, a good teammate as always, follows suit. This leaves it down to Mark and Jay. I have a feeling that their children might be struck by lightning at any second. Jay says that his decision was not easy, but this is a game, and they have to do this. And he votes for Jackie. LIGHTNING. Mark expresses residual bitterness about the way that Jackie attacked him and Jay early on when they were in duos, and votes for Jackie as well. More lightning! Those poor kids. Dan looks absolutely devastated and a tear trickles down his skinny-ish cheek.

Jackie tells everyone about the whole "swearing on the children's lives" bit. Jay says that they felt their alliance was broken when Jackie left them hanging out to dry. When did that happen? Jackie says she played the game every step of the way, and she admits that. She then twists the knife by saying that they shouldn't have sworn on their children's lives. I would say in general that swearing on anybody's life is a really bad idea. Unless it's someone that you don't particularly care for and would actually like to see hit by lightning. I'm not one to judge. It happens. Sami asks Dan how he feels. He's upset both because he'll be there by himself, and because people he thought he really trusted said one thing a half hour ago, then did something totally different. Jay tells Dan that he knows he's pissed now, but he's still part of their team. Jackie thinks that Mark and Jay have some issues that they have to deal with, because she would never vow on her children's lives. But she would ask someone else to vow on their children's lives, which doesn't seem like the most mature option in any situation. She tells Dan that it's all good to her, but you can tell that she's seething inside. I am pretty sad to see her go. She was conniving, but I enjoyed her and Dan together a lot. She hugs Dan and leaves, and Sami points out that there are some trust issues on the team then wishes them luck.

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