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Hi, all! Many thanks to Angel for taking on the premiere episode last week when I was enjoying some crawfish and corn fritters in the deep South. I also ordered a side of turnip greens, which seems like it would be what the trainers call a good choice, except that I'm sure there was lard or a hambone or something in there. In any case, I'm so happy that this show is back on, and that Jillian and I can continue our love affair that she doesn't know anything about. Yet.

It is night. The teams return home after elimination. Heba emotionally says that it means a lot to them to be able to stay and thanks the other teams for keeping them around. Her husband Ed promises not to let the others down. He also especially thanks Tom and L.T. for using their extra vote in their favor. L.T. says that he hopes this week, if he falls below the yellow line, that the Orange Team will have his back. Foreshadowing steps on the scale and weighs in at a healthy 263 pounds. Brady tells us that Stacey and Adam were very well-liked by the whole house, so everyone is wearing green headbands in their honor. If I were Stacey and Adam, I would tell the rest of them to bake those headbands into a pan of No Pudge brownies and eat it. That doesn't entirely make any sense, but you know what I'm saying.

Bob enters and greets his husbands and wives. I just made Bob sound like a big, bisexual, Yearning for Zion-style polygamist, didn't I? He misses Adam and Stacey, he says, but they're like casualties of war. Heba is crying about the whole situation, still. She and Ed never want to be under the yellow line again, she says, and they're ready to really focus. Bob notes that week two sucks. The body is in shock from losing so much weight in the first week that the numbers are generally pretty low. Bob tells his teams that it's their job to make sure that their bodies are fed properly.

Meanwhile, Jillian is telling L.T. that he needs to lose a bit more weight because his percentage needs to be higher. She also interviews that week two is notoriously tough, and that people occasionally will even gain weight. Foreshadowing has half an apple pie for breakfast. Jillian is doing everything she can to prevent that from happening. As she tells her team that they need to step up their intensity a bit, Michelle, the Pink Team daughter, starts crying. She says she's just really tired, but Renee, the Pink Mom notes that she was crying earlier and wouldn't talk about it. I sense a Dr. Phillian intervention coming on! Michelle reminds us that her mom left her dad, taking Michelle's two sisters, while Michelle stayed with her dad. It was quite devastating, and she didn't speak to her mom for five and a half years. Until, you know, they decided to work out their issues in front of a nation, as you do in this day and age.

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