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It's challenge time! The contestants head to a field with giant Slip N' Slides set up. Man, did I want one of those when I was a kid. This game is a bit different from the enjoyable-yet-ridiculously-dangerous, brush-burns-on-your-face-style Slip N' Slide of our youth. It's called "Sprint N' Slide," and the teams have to slide down the hill, and then run back up and hit their team's buzzer. If they fail to hit their buzzer within the time allotted, their team will be eliminated. The slides are over 200 feet long, and the climb back to the top of the hill is fairly steep. Teams will alternate players each round, and will keep going until one team is standing. You know, I hate to say it, but these folks might get some velocity sliding down that hill. Someone might end up in Tijuana. The prize is a phone call home. Heba really wants it, so she can call her dad. Phil would like to call home to speak to his autistic child. It's hard to beat that. Jerry and Tom will once again not be participating in the challenge for medical reasons. This means that Coleen and L.T. will have to play every round. I am exhausted just thinking about that.

The sprinklers are set off, and two minutes is on the clock. Everyone opts to slide down on their bellies, to both hilarious and painful effect. Ed is the first one down, with his plumber's crack in tow. Everyone makes it back up the hill except for Brady, who appears to be struggling with a bum ankle. The Brown Team is eliminated. Vicky tries to convince us that this is all part of their strategy, because they don't want to be considered a threat.

Round two! Red Team Amy can't seem to make it down the slide. The others have no problem, and many are in fact propelled about 15 feet on the grass. Everyone makes it up except for Red Team Amy, and so she and Phil are eliminated. Phil goes down to get her and help her up the hill. Brady has to prompt Vicky to clap for them. Vicky apparently hates couples that actually are nice to one another.

Round 3! A minute and 30 seconds is on the clock. Ed explains to us that things started to get a bit nerve-wracking at this point. Everyone makes it except for L.T. In Round 4, no one gets eliminated. Coleen, however, is looking pretty beat up. But she has her 14 pounds to lose, and so keeps at it. As of Round 6, the contestants have been going for an hour, and no more teams have been eliminated. There are more belly flops, and I fear that Heba is going to fly right out onto the highway. Before you know it, we're at Round 17. Neither Renee nor Coleen makes it, and the Pink and Yellow teams are out. Coleen is proud of herself despite the fact that she didn't win the prize. The Orange and Purple teams are left, with Ed facing off against Shellay. Shellay doesn't think she has it in her, and Amy tells her to try. Amy is covered in all sorts of grass. In the end, Shellay doesn't make it up in time, and the Orange team wins. Amy is proud of her for giving it a good show, particularly since she's 51 and so out-ages Ed by about 20 years. Sami tells the Orange team that they have a decision to make -- they get to allow one other team the opportunity to call home, as well. Back at the house, they tell Phil and Amy that since their son is autistic, it might be beneficial for them to be able to touch base with him. So they're getting the bonus call home. That seems like the right thing to do.

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