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The Two Percent Solution

The Orange team is next on the scale. They don't want to go under the yellow line for the second time. Ed notes that he's wearing his wedding band on a chain around his neck - his finger is now too skinny for it! Ed goes from 318 to 309, for a loss of 9. Heba goes from 282 to 280, for a loss of 2. That's 11 pounds total, or 1.83%. They're definitely safe from elimination, as are all three of Bob's teams. Amy and Shellay are starting to sweat a little bit, as they are in danger of falling below the yellow line. The Gray team has to have lost more than 9 pounds to be safe. L.T. goes from 339 to 342 for a gain of 3, while Tom goes from 290 to 287, for a loss of 3. Everyone is in shock, and Jillian just shakes her head. L.T. explains that he went from real happy to real pissed off, but quick. L.T. says he busted his ass, and there's nothing else he could have done. Jillian says it happens in week two. L.T. and Tom are at 0 pounds, for 0% loss. They're definitely below the yellow line and in danger of elimination.

Finally, of course, we have the Yellow Team, who are totally regretting being so paddle-happy earlier. Heba notes that Coleen is a huge threat, and will probably win the whole show if they don't kick her off. She's not going to cry if Yellow falls below the yellow line. Yellow steps on the scale. Coleen goes from 208 to 202, for a loss of 6 pounds, while Jerry goes from 363 to 258, for a loss of 5. That's 11 pounds, also known as Not Good Enough. Sami, being kind of a d-bag, asks Jerry how it feels to let his daughter down. Jesus. Last week they told this guy he was going to die any minute, now they're making him feel like a failure as a parent! Coleen jumps in and says that her dad didn't let her down, and she's so proud of him. Jerry says that in the long run they lost 11 pounds together, and money can't buy that. Jerry and Coleen are below the yellow line, despite the fact that they lost 1.93% and would have been in third place. It sucks for them. Jillian notes that two of her teams are below the yellow line, and both are equally dire in their need to get healthy. It's a lose-lose situation. "Welcome to The Biggest Loser," she says. Sometimes you really get the feeling that she hates this show.

The Yellow and Gray teams pack their stuff and lament their unfortunate positions. L.T. notes that he helped the Orange team stick around last week. They either have his back, or are not men of their words. It appears that they are going to be men of their words, as Ed tells the other teams that no matter what they do, he's going to vote the Yellow team off because Gray saved Orange ass out of friendship. Where he comes from, when you're somebody's friend, you don't screw them over. Red Amy feels strongly about voting Gray off. Brady gets all weird about being manly and having the teams who are voting Gray off tell L.T. and Tom that they're going home. Phil wonders why Brady is getting all weird, like he's going to punch someone. Brady just says, "Oh trust me, you'd know." That dude is a fucking menace. Maybe even more of a menace than Vicky, though I can't say for sure.

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