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Competition Heats Up With Only Six Contestants Left

We begin with Jillian walking to meet her remaining team members, Kelly and Ali. She learns that Brittany has been eliminated, and starts crying. She interviews that as a trainer you develop special bonds with some of the contestants, and says that she loves Brittany a lot. It's very sad. Kelly is the last remaining member of the Black Team. Kelly is in her own Pink world. Jillian says that the ladies are going to be extinct if she doesn't help them, because the boys mean business. Kelly agrees, and says that the boys consider the women to be expendable, and that it's only a matter of time before they crank them out. Can't someone get a secret bypass or something?

Bob, meanwhile, is totally happy to see Jay still in the competition. The Blue Team is four strong, and the members are super satisfied with themselves for sticking to their alliance. Bob gives Jay a talking to about his three pound loss. Jay's carb-cutting routine has to change, because it doesn't work. See, everyone, you need carbs! I'm going to go have a giant plate of pasta right now. For my health! Bob tells us that it's sedentary people who lose weight by cutting carbs. He practically spits the word "sedentary," twice! He is disgusted both with Jay and the sedentary people he emulates. And Mark, who is also a carb hater! The brothers need to have a tete-a-tete with some complex carbs. Roger looks on and smirks as Bob tells them just how serious he is about regulating their diets. Actually, maybe Roger's face just looks like that all the time.

As the contestants tool around in the kitchen and reminisce about all the people they've booted, Sami comes to tell them that they have to meet her in the elimination room in five minutes. No one knows what the heck this is about, and they're not sure that they like it. They enter the elimination room to find a big tray on the table. Room service for everyone! Hopefully this will include those adorable little bottles of Tabasco. Ali tells them that they'll be playing for what's under the tray, and it might be the most important thing in the game. Maybe they're bringing old contestants back again, and now everyone has gotten so tiny at home that they fit under there, and will emerge like clowns from a Volkswagen. It will remain a mystery until there is a winner of this challenge.

Ali puts on a pair of glasses and tells the contestants that they'll be getting a pop quiz. Kelly is used to tests from nursing school, but says that they're usually medical in nature and she knows about them in advance. This one caught her off guard. Sami, every minute looking more like she just walked off of the "Hot for Teacher" video, explains that she'll ask a question, each contestant will write down his or her answer, and if they get a question wrong, they're out. The last man standing wins the mysterious thing under the tray. The first question is: How many calories do you need to burn to lose one pound? The answer is 3,500, and everyone gets it right. Ali then asks how much weight Curtis had lost when he returned to campus a few weeks ago. The answer is 100, and Dan, Jay, and Roger get it right. Kelly, Ali and Mark are out. The final question is: How many calories are in one cup of fat-free strawberry yogurt? Roger and Jay both guess 60, while Dan guesses 100. The correct answer is 200. Since Dan is closest, he wins! He congratulates himself for being proven the smartest person in the house. I mean, it's like, him versus Roger. Don't fill out that MENSA application yet, is all I'm saying.

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