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Competition Heats Up With Only Six Contestants Left

Time is up, and Ali can't believe how egregiously the Blue Team targeted her and Kelly. She says it's obvious that they didn't want the girls to win, but they went beyond what's reasonable. Sami quizzes the contestants about calorie content, and Mark is surprised to learn that ice cream had the biggest calorie bang. Sami tallies up the totals on each table, and Kelly and Ali are clear losers with around 15,000 calories each. Sami asks Ali if this display by the Blue Team hurt her feelings. She says she just doesn't understand why they felt a need to annihilate them. Roger's response? "Wah wah wah. That's not our fault." If they were in the locker room, he would totally snap his towel at her. He's the worst, and if he wins this thing I'm going to be appalled. Sami asks Dan why they opted to leave the decision in the hands of the women. Dan says that they don't want to jeopardize the friendships that they've taken time to build, then self-righteously interviews that friendships are worth more than $10,000. He's certainly drunk the dick-flavored Kool-Aid the Blue Team has been passing around. Jay ends up winning the $10,000. He's going to use it to take his wife on vacation. Because Jay clearly loves and respects women!

Oh, but wait! Sami gets all "Let's Make a Deal" on Jay's ass, and offers to sell him an envelope with a valuable prize for $10,000. It's a one-pound pass. I wish that she hadn't shown him what was in it, and he'd traded it, and it had been a certificate for a free goat and a lifetime supply of vacuum cleaner bags, for a vacuum that hasn't been made since 1972. And a punch in the throat. As Sami reveals the one-pound pass, we zoom in on her hands and see that she's wearing black nail polish. Coincidence or solidarity? Jay looks conflicted, and Sami tells him that he doesn't have to decide until the weigh-in. He knows the value of a pound. Dan subtly tries to convince Jay to keep the money, because he knows that if Jay doesn't use it, it's less likely to put him below the yellow line. Sneaky bastard.

Meanwhile, Ali is still appalled at the men. She and Kelly talk, and Ali says that the Blue Team is thinking that they're all going to the finals, but in reality they're basically handing $250,000 to the guy who has the most to lose -- Roger. Ali works to make an alliance with Kelly, but of course they both have to stay above the yellow line for it to be fruitful. Bob visits his team, and Jay tells him about his Sophie's choice. Bob clearly wants Jay to take the pound. Kelly and Ali tell Jillian about how the Blue Team not only purposefully and showily annihilated them at the challenge, but snacked while they were doing it. Dr. Phillian thinks it's sad that they behaved that way, because it shows that they're not growing in the ways they should be. If anything, I think they're regressing. Jillian has my favorite quote of the night as she interviews, "They're repulsive to me right now." It's hard not to be with her on this one. They were seriously eating, like, cold stale hot dogs. Just to make themselves more dickish! What is the need? Jillian knows the value of the pound, since her team has lost weigh-ins by one pound on multiple occasions. It haunts her. She wants her girls to stay above the yellow line, so that chaos can ensue and she can munch an Orville Redenbacher 100 Calorie Smart Pop as she watches the Blue boys tear into each other.

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