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Competition Heats Up With Only Six Contestants Left

Mark is up next, and is a little nervous after seeing the numbers of his teammates. He goes from 185 to 181, for a loss of 4. His total percentage lost is 2.16%, which regrettably means that Roger is safe. Mark doesn't know if it will be enough to keep him above the yellow line. Ali is up next, and needs to lose more than 3 pounds. At 155 pounds, she tells us that 4 pounds is a lot of weight to lose. But she does it! She goes from 155 to 149, for a loss of 6. She is giddy with happiness. Have I mentioned how great she looks? I actually think they concocted that whole "two booted contestants return" scheme so that they could get her back on the show and have a lady stand a chance of winning. Sami announces that Ali has lost 85 pounds since starting to play the game. This is the most weight that any woman has ever lost on campus in Biggest Loser history. She is really proud. Her total percentage is 3.87%, which puts her far above the other guys.

Dan is, of course, below the yellow line, and Mark is in danger as Kelly weighs on. Oh, Kelly, PLEASE. She needs to lose more than 4 pounds to stay safe. Dan interviews that at this point he thought that Kelly wouldn't do it, that he would fall below the yellow line with her, and that the Blue Team would save him from elimination. I think Kelly actually thinks the same thing. She interviews that it's going to take a big miracle. Kelly goes from 199 to 192 for a loss of 7. Make that A LOSS OF 7, BITCHES! Oh, sweet, sweet day! Ali is really happy, and says that's what happens when you get the girls mad. Kelly looks so proud of herself, and I LOVE it. She starts to cry, of course. She tells us that there's a bright light at the end of the tunnel, and it's just starting to get brighter and brighter. I have to say that I love Kelly. She's so sweet and sad, and I love seeing how her confidence is growing. She says that Jillian's Black Team is still alive and kicking. Kelly's total percentage lost is 3.52%, which means that she comes in second place for the week, with Ali being at the top. Jillian is going to be so happy! Girl power!

It's sad times for Mark and Dan. Dan has always been really judgey of the people below the yellow line, and now wonders if he should feel that way about himself. If I were him, I'd feel judgey about myself for being such a douche, first, and then move on to regret about not losing enough weight. Mark is also not happy about being up for elimination. Everyone is kind of quiet, and just pats the two men on the back. After the men leave, Ali and Kelly are allowed to feel proud of themselves some more. It's all kind of like when Hillary won Ohio. Ali cries, with both relief and stress at the thought of having to do this again two or three more times.

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