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Competition Heats Up With Only Six Contestants Left

Well, clearly Dan's toast, right? He knows it and cries thinking that he dropped below the yellow line because he only lost a pound. He packs his shit, then goes to see the ladies. He says he's not there to petition for himself. I guess he's just there to cry some more? Kelly is compassionate, and tells him that he just hit his first wall. Dan tells Kelly and Ali that he wants to be there. Ali tells us that Dan still can pull big numbers, but Mark has serious determination that could enable him to pull it out. It's a tough decision. Oh, no it's not. I like Dan -- well, I used to like Dan -- but it seems like he's the obvious choice. He certainly is for Jay, who refuses to put Mark's name down again. We flash back to the tears and the drama of Mark's first ouster as Kelly eats a slice of lunch meat. Mark tells us that he sure as hell isn't sacrificing himself this time as Dan continues to cry like a baby.

Eliminations! Ali says she went for the obvious threat, and voted for Dan. Ditto for Kelly. Roger votes for Dan, too, but gives a nice eulogy while doing so. And then I think Roger actually gets a tear! Who knew? Dan has been eliminated. He says that this has changed his life, and he's proved to himself that there's nothing he can't do. The Blue Team members hug and say they love each other and call each other "bro." Roger goes, "I'm glad I got to see you grow up, man." Dan says, "Thank you, man. I appreciate you so much." Roger says, "Stick to it, man." If you add "man" to the end of every sentence, does it somehow balance out the fact that you're bawling like a child? The Blue Team does a pride on three as they say goodbye to Dan.

Dan tells us that he was a 21-year old kid when he came on the show. As opposed to now when he's...21 and a half? He's had a lot of life-changing experiences that he never expected, and now knows that he can accomplish anything he sets his mind to. His health and his size won't hold him back. He lost 112 pounds, and will never forget how far he's come. He pledges to go home and become the biggest at-home loser. We see him head home, and his family and friends, including Jackie, are very glad to see him. Jackie says that she can see how he's matured, and tears up as she tells us how proud of him she is. Dan is excited to live his life back at home. And then we learn that Dan is super-serious about pursuing his goals, whatever they may be, and so moved out to L.A. two weeks after he was booted from campus. Oh, he's pursuing his music career. Well, good luck with that. Jackie is supportive, per usual. Dan has lost a total of 125 pounds, and hopes to lose an additional 15 before the finale. He's skinny, his hair has grown out a bit, and I have to say that he looks completely awesome.

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Biggest Loser




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