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Contestants Face Barbecue Temptation And Giant Seesaw Challenge!

Curtis is having a hard time passing up the hot wings, while Alabama resident Roger takes some hearty sniffs. Bette-Sue makes a lot of squealing noises. Amanda decides not to eat, and hopes Neill will do the same. Jay sniffs some of the delicious vittles, and Mark says that he knows Jay won't eat because he'll break his jaw. Paul tells the others that he has about 1,000 calories left to eat for the day. He has a plan of some sort. I think that plan is called, "Guzzling corn dogs." Oh, and a muffin! Why would you ever go for the muffin when you could have PORK? Mark, meanwhile, has gotten psyched out by Paul and determines that there are more pros to eating some BBQ than cons. That is a specious argument at best. He heads straight for the Hostess Cupcake. I would recognize that squiggly white icing anywhere. Curtis doesn't think Mallory will succumb to temptation, but she can't resist a last-minute handful of candy.

Alison brings the teammates together. She says there are three teams who ate. Turns out Curtis was able to successfully resist temptation, but Mallory ate 210 calories worth of M&Ms. She thought he would chow down. He just smiles. Kelly didn't eat, which surprises Paul. Paul, however, ate 912 calories. Dirty muffin-lover. Kelly looks disturbed, and says she's nervous for the weigh-in. Oh, and THEN. Jay says he doesn't think Mark ate, and he didn't eat a thing either because Mark would kick the crap out of him and their mom isn't there to protect him. That remark, while meant in jest, says so much. Mark says, "You have no idea how wrong you are," and laughs. Jay is PISSED. Alison says that no other team ate anything, and the skinnies give themselves a round of applause. Mark has to have eaten more than 912 calories to win. Turns out he ate 925. The winnahs! Paul was pretty stupid for announcing how much he was going to eat. He totally wishes he had gone for that second corn dog. Jay still doesn't seem thrilled with Mark, and hopes they don't fall below the yellow line. Alison says she's glad she's not going to be there when they tell the trainers what they ate.

And for good reason! Bob and Jillian are HORRIFIED. Bob says that Mark is the last person he thought would eat. Jillian tells them that she doesn't mind when they work temptations into their calories for the day, but when you pig out the night before a weigh-in, you don't know if it's going to cause you to retain massive fluid. It's a serious risk. Mark says that he thought it through thoroughly. Jillian screams that Mark left work for four months, and asks how important $5,000 could be. Hey, good point. If it's that important, she says, go home and work. She interviews that people would pay thousands to be there for one day, and she doesn't get why someone would risk this opportunity for five grand. Health before money, says Jillian. Paul feels like a dick and apologizes. The scale will tell how foolhardy these hungry bastards were.

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Biggest Loser




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