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Contestants Face Barbecue Temptation And Giant Seesaw Challenge!

And then, weigh-in! What? No last-chance workout? Kelly is afraid that the non-eaters will look at them differently if they fall below the yellow line. Mallory doubts that all the little bitty candies she ate are going to make a difference. Never underestimate a Skittle, lady. The two teams with the lowest percentage of weight loss will fall below the yellow lines, and the other teams will take a vote to determine who goes home. As with last week, the elimination will happen tonight. The team that loses the greatest percentage of weight will win a fabulous prize that we'll learn about later.

The Gray Team, Roger and Trent, are first. Trent goes from 407 to 401 (-6), and Roger goes from 343 to 340 (-3). Bob says it's disappointing to see those numbers, and it might be that he and Jillian training together might not work. Their total loss is 9 pounds, or 1.20%. Abysmal! The Blue Team is next. Brittany goes from 211 to 210 (-1), while Bernie goes from 266 to 261 (-5). That's 6 pounds total, or 1.26%. Also abysmal, but better than the Grays. The Yellow Team is next. Kelly goes from 258 to 257 (-1), while Paul goes from 286 to 283 (-3). Alison asks if Paul's corn dog is weighing on his mind. It is. He regrets it because he let Kelly down. Their combined total weight loss of 4 pounds, or .74%. Oh, shite. Jillian says that week two is notoriously bad, but she's pretty shocked at the results so far.

The Black Team is next. Jay goes from 280 to 275 (-5), while Mark goes from 268 to 261 (-7). I'm gonna try that corn dog diet, man! That's 12 pounds total, or 2.19%. Then we have the Purple Team. They need to have lost more than five pounds to be safe. Jenn goes from 242 to 249 (-2), and Maggie goes from 229 to 227 (-2). That's 4 pounds total, or .85%. They're not out of danger yet, and Alison notes how terribly all the women are doing. This cues Team Pink. Ali goes from 215 to 212 (-3), while Bette-Sue goes from 245 to 239 (-6). Go, Bette-Sue! After she took the digger on the treadmill and everything. That's 9 pounds total, or 1.96%, which puts them in second place.

The Orange Team is next. Despite the low numbers, Dan is feeling confident. Jackie goes from 231 to 223 (-8), while Dan goes from 285 to 277 (-8). Go Team Catty Bitches! I enjoy them. Jackie says she's working really hard because she feels like an underdog. She's psyched to be able to keep up with the younger guys. That's 16 pounds, or 3.1%. Well done! They're in first place now. Team Brown is next. Curtis goes from 359 to 356 (-3), while Mallory goes from 203 to 204 (PLUS ONE!!!). Shoulda put down the Reese's Pieces while you had the chance. Jillian is floored. That's a loss of 2 pounds, or .36%. They're below the yellow line. Jenn and Maggie, however, are safe. Paul and Kelly are in danger, with only the White Team left to weigh in. They have to lose more than four pounds to be safe. Amanda goes from 190 to 190 (0!), while Neill goes from 304 to 298 (-6). Neill does an arm-lift in victory, then sees Amanda's bagel and gets a frowny face. Jenn can't believe that Neill lost six pounds, since he does nothing. In any case, they lost 6 pounds, or 1.21%. It's enough to keep them safe. Sorry, Paul and Kelly!

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