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Climb Ev'ry Mountain, Or One Mountain Repeatedly

It is morning. Heba, like Cher told us we all must do sooner or later, sleeps alone. If you'll recall, last week Heba lost 8 pounds and Ed lost zero, and they fell below the yellow line. One of them had to go. Since Heba would be the child bearer of the two, she stayed. She tells us how hard it is to go on without Ed. But Heba, like the heart, will do it.

The contestants enter a room full of decadent baked goods. Coleen tells us that the smell hit them before they even walked through the door. There are donuts and peanut butter cups and brownies and cupcakes and bagels with cream cheese all piled up. All of it together actually looks pretty disgusting. It's amazing the difference a display case can make. Sami greets the contestants and notes that two families have already split up. And starting now, the contestants will learn that they can only rely on themselves. Ominous! Today, Sami says, there is a temptation challenge. It's all about control. And one contestant will get the control that will change this game permanently. The winner of the challenge chooses teams -- Blue versus Black. The contestants will stay in the Temptation Room for ten minutes. Whoever has eaten the most calories after that amount of time will win the challenge and choose the teams going forward, and their trainers. That is awfully grimy!

Red Amy feels pure terror. She could potentially lose Bob as her trainer, and Phil could be taken away from her. Heba also wants to stay with Bob, so figures this challenge is pretty important. I guess they all saw how Jillian went apeshit on her ladies last week and feel like downing 3,000 calories in ten minutes is worth it. Oh, but wait! There's one more thing. For this temptation challenge the contestants will be completely in the dark. As Sami says this, she puts on her night vision goggles that make everyone have creepy dead eyes, and the lights cut out. Coleen tells us that she knows there are some Sneaky Sneakertons in the house and that someone would be eating baked goods. It's just a question of whom. Sami tells the contestants that the lights won't come on until the challenge is over.

The ten minutes commences. As some of the couples whisper to one another, Heba has an announcement to make. She says that she would like to keep the teams the way they are, and volunteers to eat one donut to do so. She wonders if anyone wants to play against her. Brady says it's cool with him. However, there's a bit of tension among Bob's team. Phil interviews that Heba spoke up like she always does at the beginning of a challenge, to try to control and manipulate everybody. He is skeptical. Vicky goes up to Heba in the dark and whispers something very closely in her ear. Or maybe she's just giving her a little tongue tickle for extra support. Heba says that for her personal well-being she needs to stay with Bob, and so is willing to "take one for the team" and eat a mouth-watering donut. Purple Amy speaks up and says she is not comfortable with this plan. Shellay adds that Bob's team now has the two big guys, and as long as they're on a team together, Jillian's ladies will be the underdogs. Purple Amy interviews that the teams should be switched up, and then emotionally argues her point in the dark. Meanwhile, the peanut butter cup wheels in Phil's brain are turning. He interviews that there was a lot of indecision, and he didn't want anyone controlling his destiny. So he quietly gets up and walks to Peanut Butter Cup Mountain. Sami spies with glee as he eats one. Not to be outdone, Heba figures she might as well eat a donut while all the chatting is going on.

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