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Sami announces that there are five minutes left. Red Amy explains Phil's plan to eat enough peanut butter cups to gain control of the game. This is only foiled by the fact that peanut butter cups are one of the noisiest snacks around with their little wrapper that you have to remove. Heba totally hears Phil and busts him. She asks him how many he ate, and he won't answer. Heba doesn't know what to think. There is one minute left, and Heba maybe thinks that Phil is a shifty teammate, and is ready to dump his ass if he doesn't answer how much he ate. Phil tells us that a mouthful of chocolate and peanut butter really does a lot to curb your communication skills. He can't answer Heba because his mouth is full of peanut butter. Purple Amy starts to cry even more because of all the darkness and yelling. She downs a brownie in 30 seconds as Heba shoves another donut in her mouth. Phil heads back to the Reese's pile, too, and we head to commercials as time runs out.

The lights come back on and Brady points out that Purple Amy's hands are covered in fudge. At least we hope it's fudge. She confesses that she really wanted a donut. Heba is sucking donut glaze off of her fingers, and Phil is still trying to lick the peanut butter off of his teeth. Brady rightly thinks it's kind of hilarious. Sami announces that Phil ate two peanut butter cups, which is 210 calories. He's in third place. Purple Amy ate one brownie, which is 340 calories. She's in second place. Heba ate two donuts, which is 400 calories. She wins the challenge, and Red Amy figures that she and Phil are screwed. Phil agrees.

Heba gets half an hour to make her decision. She notes that Phil was sneaking around like a little shrew trying to undermine her noble intentions. It's the wrong day to mess with her, she says. I guess so if she was willing to bust out "shrew" on him. Red Amy can't bear the thought of losing Phil or Bob. Purple Amy worries that Heba will keep the teams exactly as they are. Heba returns for the moment of reckoning. She announces that she, first of all, is staying on Bob's team. Sami gives her a blue shirt. Renee will be on Jillian's Black Team, and so will Coleen. Vicky is staying with Bob on the Blue Team, and Michelle is staying on the Black Team. Red Amy is staying on the Blue Team. She's happy about this, but is still worried about what Heba will do with Phil. As she should be. Heba sends Phil to Jillian's Black Team. Phil says that it was a personal slap in the face. Heba thinks she did the right thing, because Phil can't be trusted. Red Amy doesn't seem all that sad about it, to be honest. Maybe she needs a little time away to cultivate her love with Bob. Heba next announces that Purple Amy is moving to the Blue Team. Purple Amy's okay with that, and kind of excited to learn from another trainer and not to have Jillian screaming at her all the time. Heba finally announces that Shellay will stay with Jillian on the Black Team and Brady will be on the Blue Team. Phil recaps that basically all that Heba did was break up the Red and Purple Teams. Heba tells us that she's not stupid in her choices. She, Vicky and Brady have an alliance and now have the majority vote on the Blue Team. That always works really well until they have to start turning on each other. Then things get fun.

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