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Climb Ev'ry Mountain, Or One Mountain Repeatedly

Bob comes in to greet his team and sees a bunch of Blue shirts. Red Amy and Heba immediately start to cry. Vicky explains the temptation challenge and Heba's reward. Bob asks Heba and Red Amy what they're thinking. Red Amy notes that it would have been better to have Phil on their team, because he's going to be dropping some big numbers. Bob agrees. Heba defends herself by saying that Phil has crossed the line with her too many times. Bob tells everyone that once they start making personal decisions, things will really backfire. He interviews that Heba made a stupid decision, and he's pissed. Bob finally wants to win a season, chuckers! And now Heba has maybe ruined his chances. Bob takes Red Amy for a walk and she tells him that, excuse her language, that bitch is not going to take her down. She refuses to be weak and crying her eyes out like Heba, whom she now kind of hates. Red Amy tells Bob that her biggest fear was losing him as a trainer, and he replies that if he didn't have her, it would be terrible. They hug.

Meanwhile, Jillian sees her new Black Team and exclaims, "Oh dear!" She finds it amazing that Phil is now on the Black Team. She also interviews that she thinks it's kind of nice that there's a boy and four girls on each team, and that some of the families are split up. Phil explains that Heba put him on Jillian's team because she hates him. Jillian appears to be fine with that. She just wants to get her team into the gym. Oh, but wait. Michelle wants to share her feelings. She's been contemplating whether or not she should stay. Because, you know, mother, divorce, six years, abandonment, emotional eating, etc. Dr. Phillian tells Michelle that she can have both parents, and doesn't want her to look back and not have had a relationship with her mom. Jillian says that, as someone who has dealt with these issues, she can attest that it's a bitter pill. Michelle is full of hurt, though. Jillian tells her not to end up regretting this. It's one thing to leave The Biggest Loser, and it's another thing to walk away from a parent. Jillian adds that Renee could be gone at any moment, and that's a regret that Michelle never wants to contend with. Michelle interviews that she's on the verge of running as far as she possibly can, just so she doesn't feel afraid. Can't we go back to them eating donuts? I'm getting tired of this subplot.

It is 5:55 a.m., and Sami enters the contestants' rooms to tell them that the challenge starts in 10 minutes, so get their butts out of bed. Everyone's reaction is similar to Brady's: "Holy crap." Heba tells us that she's tired and cold and wondering what's going on. Sami tells everyone that this challenge is a wake-up call to let them know that they can't do this alone. So each team has to work together. The challenge will last from sunup to sundown -- 14 hours. Red Amy says that they're going to die. Sami explains that the teams will have the entire day to climb a nearby mountain as many times as they can. There's a camera at the top of the hill and at the bottom, so they will take their pictures every time they get to the top and bottom of the hill. Each person in the picture is worth a point, but if you get all five team members in the picture you get an extra bonus point. The team with the most points at the end of the day wins a two-pound pass at the weigh-in. That seems to be good motivation for everybody.

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