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Climb Ev'ry Mountain, Or One Mountain Repeatedly

The next day, Bob's team sits by the pool and eats Jell-O. Did you know there are only 10 calories in Jell-O? And that you can add Cool Whip in a can to it? Only 20 calories more! Mmm, delicious animal bones and hides and random chemicals! Stick a slice of Extra Sugar-Free Gum in there and you've got yourself a sundae. Bob's Team tells him about the challenge, including the news that they lost. He tells his team that they need to work even harder since they're at a two-pound disadvantage.

Dr. Phillian, meanwhile, has another talk with Michelle, who still feels like she's betraying her father by being there with her mother. She's thinking about leaving, so Jillian is pulling out all the stops and putting her on the phone with her dad. She's hoping that the conversation Michelle has with her dad will enable her to stay. Michelle's dad sounds so happy to hear from her, but once she hears his voice she starts crying. She interviews that for the last six years she's had a smile on the outside, but done more damage to herself on the inside. She's 26 and doesn't know who she is. Michelle asks her dad if he feels like she's betrayed him by being there with her mom instead of him. She needs to know that it's okay to love both of them. He says it is, 100%. She fears that if she loves her mom she'll lose her dad. He tells her that that's silly, and that she needs her mama. He adds that she shouldn't think about coming home or bailing out. She's an inspiration to him right now. Dr. Phillian says that Michelle took huge steps on the phone with her dad. However, Michelle still doesn't know what she's going to do. Dr. Phillian says that Michelle is at the epic crossroads: one way is through the fire and into healing, and the other is a loop right back to the beginning. Jillian hopes she chooses the fire.

Michelle has a conversation with her mom about her decision whether to leave or stay. Renee tells her that no matter what she decides, she'll love her with all her heart. She wants what's best for Michelle, and says that they still have the rest of their lives to live together. Michelle is going to give it more thought. Hopefully not too much more. Oy.

Meanwhile, Bob helps Red Amy refuel with a glass of fat-free milk. Stick a slice of Extra Sugar Free Gum in there and it's practically a smoothie!

Last chance workout! The trainers push their teams like mad. Jillian feels lucky that Phil joined their team, because they need a boy. Phil has decided that Jillian must sometimes just sit around and dream up various tortures to put them through. She says that down the road Phil will be her secret weapon and will be dropping bombs on the scale. Bob is impressed that Brady is doing pull-ups at week five -- that's never been done on the show before. Jillian gives him the old side-eye. I'm not sure what that means exactly yet, but I'm sure it will all become clear.

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