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Weigh-ins! Some of the families are split up on different teams now, which makes things interesting. Plus, Michelle is thinking about going home. Sami explains that the rules are back to normal -- the player with the highest percentage of weight loss gets immunity, and the team with the lower total collective weight loss has to vote somebody out. Sami asks Michelle about her struggle as to whether she should stay or leave. She notes that no one has ever left the ranch voluntarily. Michelle is, in fact, no exception. She's decided to stay. Jillian and Renee get very big smiles, and Renee interviews that she's elated and is not going to take one minute of her time with Michelle for granted.

Michelle weighs in first. She goes from 216 to 209, for a loss of 7 pounds. That's pretty great. At least two of those were water weight in tears. Renee is up next. She goes from 237 to 232 for a loss of 5 pounds. Also great! The Black Team has lost 1.07% so far. Phil is up next. He feels confident that he's lost weight this week. He goes from 287 to 279 for a loss of 8 pounds. Pretty decent, and he's lost 52 pounds total since coming to campus. Coleen is next to weigh in. Her personal goal is to lose 4 pounds, which will bring her total to 30 pounds. She goes from 192 to 187 for a loss of 5. She's very excited, and also adorable. Shellay is the final Black Team member to weigh in. Sami asks Purple Amy if she has mixed feelings about her mom weighing in. Purple Amy says they're not mixed at all. She wants her mom to be the biggest loser of the week. She may be on the opposing team, but Shellay is still Amy's mother. Amy is also worried that if Black goes under her mom will go home. Shellay goes from 194 to 189 for a loss of 5 pounds. It's a pretty solid number and Shellay is happy. The Black Team's total percentage of weight lost is 2.66%. With the two pound advantage, their total percentage is bumped up to 32 pounds and 2.84%. The Blue Team has to have lost more than 33 pounds to be safe from elimination.

Purple Amy is up first. Amy goes from 208 to 199, for a loss of 9. That is pretty freaking impressive. Shellay looks proud, and Amy feels great to be under 200 pounds. Vicky is up next. She goes from 217 to 211 for a loss of 6. Wow, that Jell-O consumption is certainly paying off. The Black Team starts to look worried. Brady is next. He goes from 292 to 286 for a loss of 6. Could be bigger, given all that mountain-running he did. He's a bit disappointed. The Blue Team is up to 21 pounds. Heba and Red Amy need to have lost more than 12 pounds between them. Red Amy steps on the scale. She goes from 199 to 193 for a loss of 6. It's a good number, and she just hopes it's enough. Heba is the last person to weight in for the Blue Team, and she has to lose more than 6 pounds. Heba is feeling a little lonely, with Ed gone and only her inherent bitchiness to keep her warm. Phil remembers that last week Heba lost 8 pounds, and figures that might mean she'll put up a less impressive number this week. Heba goes from 266 to258 for a loss of 8. Aw, man. I can't help it -- I always root for Jillian's team. Heba does a little dance and jiggles her way to bliss. The Blue Team has lost 35 pounds, or 2.96%. They would have beaten the Black Team even more handily had it not been for the 2-pound pass.

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