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Red Amy stops her celebration when she realizes that Phil could be going home. Michelle, quite ironically, lost the most weight of anyone on the Black Team and has immunity. Sami gives the Amys an opportunity to say goodbye to their family members. There are lots of tears. The Black Team has an hour to figure out who they're sending home. Back at the house, some discussions start to happen. Coleen tells us that she, Shellay, Renee and Michelle have been close since day one, whereas Phil's a newcomer. Phil tries to convince the ladies that he's an asset because he can pull big numbers and has done well in all the challenges. From a strategy standpoint, he thinks he should stay. Shellay says that she wants to stay as well, and still has a good 50 pounds to go. Renee also wants to stay. She tells us that she's led by her heart and is not a big game player, but has now realized that if you want to stay you have to play. Shellay starts crying and telling everyone how much she loves them, just like the drunk friend that you secretly hate. She says that whatever happens isn't personal, and everyone agrees. The Black Team has a hard decision to make.

It is time for the reckoning. The Black Team meets up with Sami to reveal their votes. Michelle first reveals her vote for Shellay. Phil votes for Renee. Oooh, this should be a close one. Renee votes for Shellay, and Shellay totally starts crying. She says they're tears of sadness, not hostility, and adds that the honeymoon is over for their team. She voted for Renee. So it all comes down to Coleen. She says that the person she voted for will do great at home, and that she can't say enough good things about this person. She is a wreck about having to vote someone off and bawls as she reveals her vote for Shellay. Shellay tells her that it's okay. She still loves everyone, and says that this has been the best experience she's ever had. She's excited to see her family at home, and knows that she'll do well there. Shellay is also sad to leave her daughter, Amy, but knows that she'll be okay. In her exit interview, Shellay says that The Biggest Loser has changed her life. She's proudest that she's discovered she can do a lot more than she ever thought she could. It was awesome to share the experience with Amy, and she thinks it will be so life-changing that they'll never go back to where they were. She tells us that the next time we see her she'll be the hottest mom that The Biggest Loser has ever seen. I kind of believe her, too.

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