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Running Up Those Hills

It is night at the ranch as the contestants head home after elimination. Helen gives Mike a big hug. She reminds us that Kristin was eliminated, which was a hard and sad thing. For everybody else. Helen is quite pleased to still be there. She tells Mike that she knows he was playing the game, but thanks him anyway. In case you don't remember, Ron did Kristin dirty using Mike as a vessel. It was an unsurprising shock, given Ron's godfather ways. Filipe tells us that he may seem dumb, but in fact it's all an act. He knows what's what, and so knows that Mike would like to cruise to an easy victory with Helen and Tara as his competition in the finals. There's only one person standing in Mike's way, and it is Filipe. He looks to the Brita water bottles of his fallen comrades for inspiration to work hard this week.

Mike and Ron head to their room, where Ron gives Mike a big hug and tells him that he just made the finale. Schadenfreude, much like sweet dreams, is made of this. Mike interjects that he'll be in the finale only if he doesn't screw up. Ron tells him he won't. He says that, as nice as it would have been to have Kristin there, it worked to their advantage to get rid of her. Ron technically kept his promise to her by not literally writing her name down, and they were still able to do it. Mike tells us that Ron is a chessmaster while everyone else is playing checkers. And this show has everything but Yul Brynner. And in case you were wondering, Ron gets his kicks above the waistline, sunshine. Ron thinks that the others can go back to their bars, their temples, their massage parlors. Their pizza parlors. Okay, I'll stop.

The next morning, Filipe heads to the gym alone. He says it's hard without Kristin, and he feels totally alone. He talks to the other folks in the house, but he doesn't trust them. He says that everyone in the house is gunning for him, because that's the best way for Mike to win. There are some more dramatics, as you may imagine. The upshot is that Filipe is ready to prove himself. Bob comes to talk to his team and asks what happened. Ron says that it was tough, and adds that he and Filipe OBVIOUSLY voted to keep Kristin there. Tara and Mike, of course, voted to eliminate her. But Bob is no fool. He knows that foul deeds were afoot and that if anyone knows about foul, it's Ron. Bob tells Ron straight-up that he can't believe he didn't have a hand in this. He and Mikey have always been in sync with each other, and Ron has been pain about wanting Mike to win. Bob actually respects Ron for this. What he does not likely respect, however, is Ron's outright lie that he had nothing to do with this. Bob asks Ron if he pulled Mikey aside and told him to vote for Kristin. Ron says he did not. But, again, Bob did not just fall off of the Jennie-O truck. He tells us that he's bummed out, and has been through way too much with Ron to have dishonesty at this point. Filipe looks on, also knowing that Ron is full of shitake.

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