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Running Up Those Hills

The contestants head to the gym where they meet Sami, who is in front of a huge TV. The trainers are there, too. Sami tells them that they are living proof that change is possible, no matter who you are or how little you know. We get a video montage of how clueless the contestants were when they first came to campus. They've all come so far in just 17 weeks. Helen looks crazy in her flashbacks, and wonders why no one told her how jacked-up her hair was. In his initial interviews, Mike talked about wanting to do a 5K after he lost all the weight. Now, he's already run a half-marathon and runs five miles every morning. He's exceeded his goals already. Mike's transformation in particular is really stunning. After watching, the contestants get teary and talk about how much they needed this experience, as they are wont to do.

Sami tells the contestants that this is their last week on campus. Her eyes are all red and her makeup is smeared, but I'm guessing this is because of some pregnancy thing rather than actually being sad that the contestants are leaving and she finally gets a vacation. Tara says that she has mixed emotions about going home. Everyone does. They want to see their families, but on the other hand their journeys are not yet finished, and being at home is scary and will present some challenges. For their workout, the contestants recreate some of the moves they did in the montage. There is quite a difference between then and now. Jillian quite hilariously gives Helen crazy hair. Tara says that it's remarkable how far she's come physically, as well as what she's learned about herself as a person.

Back on campus, Tara and Helen talk about the scariness of going home. Both agree that they've come far, and are not going to backslide. Tara has a fancy dress that she bought in London, hoping that one day she'd fit into it. She tries it on, and it fits! She looks great in it, too. Tara tells us that ladies get excited about clothes. I can't contradict her on that. Helen also brought a goal outfit. She tells us that she used to wear clothes that would drape and hide everything. Helen emerges in a pair of jeans and a tight blazer, prompting Tara to call her a hot mama. She feels great and confident and tells Tara that she can't believe she fits into a size 8. The two ladies go to show off in front of everyone else. The boys are impressed, and Mike decides to try on his goal jacket as well. It's leather, and actually seems to be even a little bit big on him! Aw. Ron is happy to see Mike knowing that he's a hottie, and with a big helping of confidence. Mike is also wearing jeans that are a size 36, as opposed to the 56 he wore at the beginning of the show. He tells us that being able to fit into goal clothes just reiterates for them how well they're doing. Now they can take their fancy outfits on the town and go get some cheesecake!

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