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Running Up Those Hills

And then it's time for the contestants to see Dr. Huizenga! And this time it won't be death watch. We are reminded how grim things were when they first came on the show, and how much better things are now. Helen has lost 106 pounds of hydrated fat. Dr. H. shows her a photo of her stomach when she first came to him, which seems kind of cruel. Helen's "real age" has also gone from 60 to 50. Her biological age is 48, so she's catching up. And her stomach is much smaller! Hooray. Dr. H. also shows Tara a photo of her stomach, which prompts her to say, "Oh, dear God." Seeing the pictures brings back a storm of emotion for Tara. We then see her stomach now, which is looking pretty tight. Dr. H. tells her that she's a model again. Tara says that she's never going back to being heavy again.

Filipe also has a smaller stomach than he used to! He went from 58 inches around to 43 inches. Filipe says that he came there to fix what was broken, and is now focusing on maintaining it. Dr. H. tells Mike that he was the youngest contestant to come on the show, and also possibly the sickest. Mike's stomach was very, very large as well. He says that seeing the photos brought back feelings of being confined, overweight, and out of place. His stomach now is 54% smaller, which is crazy. He's relieved and thankful to have had this opportunity. Ron, when he first came to campus, needed an MRI and couldn't even fit into the machine. Now he can! He has significantly decreased the fat around his organs, and now has normal blood tests. Ron tells us that he's done just about every dieting thing you can think of -- had his jaw wired shut, been on liquid protein diets, gone to weight-loss centers, had gastric bypass -- and this is the one thing that's worked. Ron has made huge leaps health-wise, and Dr. H. couldn't be more excited about his future.

With that, it's challenge time! The contestants head to a huge sand and rock quarry and wonder what fresh torture awaits them. Sami takes them on a trip through all the crazy challenges they've done, some of which have been harder than those of any other season. But today, they're going to do something they swore they wouldn't -- carry their weight all over again. In the first week of the competition, they had to run over a sand hill. Today. To show how far they've come, they'll have to run over 16 of them -- one for every week they've been on the show. At the top of each hill, they'll shed the same amount of weight they lost in the corresponding week of the competition. On the 16th and final hill they'll throw their last remaining bit of weight and the bag they've used to carry the weights off of the edge in a symbolic shedding ceremony. Helen will carry 96 pounds. Tara will carry 117 pounds. Filipe will carry 121 pounds, Ron will carry 132, and Mike will carry a whopping 153 pounds. The winner of the challenge will get $10,000, but has the option to trade it in for a one-pound advantage. Ooh, I wonder what Tara will do when she wins? And there's a bit of a twist -- the person who comes in second will get whichever prize the winner doesn't take! Okay, that's awesome.

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