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Running Up Those Hills

With that, we begin! The contestants struggle to drag their weight over the hills, but do get to dump a bunch of it on the first hill corresponding with the mammoth Week One losses. Tara has a very hard time lugging her bag of weight, and is frustrated to see Filipe and Mike take off while she's in the back with Ron. She can't believe that she used to carry all this weight on her body on a daily basis. Tara finally makes it up the first hill, and assures us that she's not going to give up. Filipe and Mike stay in close range of each other, with Tara and Helen -- who is also determined to give it her all -- a hill behind. Ooh! And then before we know it Tara is trailing Mike and Filipe pretty closely. Eventually she overtakes Filipe, who tells her that she's doing good and is going to be able to do it. He totally wants her to beat Mike.

Tara reminds us that when someone is ahead of her, it pushes her to work harder and do more. At Week Nine, she overtakes Mike and recommits to leaving him in the dust. She has good weight losses each week and gets into a rhythm. And then she wins the whole thing! Just like she wins everything else. And I will say for the record, in front of God and the Internets, that Tara really deserves to win the whole shebang. I know she had moments of being annoying throughout the season, but so did everyone, and frankly she is kick-ass and awesome and amazingly strong. Tara throws her bag off of the final hill and starts to cry. She feels like she's finally let go of the weight for good, and finally believes in herself. And then she gets to hang out and chill for a while because everyone else is so far behind. Mike is next to finish, which means he gets Tara's sloppy seconds. Throwing the bag over the side of the hill is symbolic to Mike as well, who says that he entered this competition as a boy and is leaving as a man. He looks forward to having a healthy adult life. Filipe finishes as well and is jubilant in throwing his old self over the hill. Helen is next to finish. She says emotionally that it's not about coming in first or second. She didn't care, because she was getting rid of her weight all over again and moving forward in her life. When Ron is on hill Six, Mike comes back to help him. Filipe also helps, and Ron is able to finally finish. With everyone done, Sami reminds Tara that she can take $10,000 or the pound. Mike is happy to claim whatever she doesn't want.

Jillian gets ready to take her contestants to 24-Hour Fitness, where she says she is going to kill them. Not so fast, Jilly! Helen tells her with glee that it's "Train the Trainer" day. Jillian hates this day, and says that she didn't come to the campus at 400 pounds so does not need to have her ass kicked. Bob, however, loves it. He gets a workout and gets a show as Jillian screams, cries and jumps up and down. Tara gives Jillian the same exact workout that Jillian gave her in the first week, and yells at her accordingly. For his part, Filipe is determined to kick Bob's butt. Bob wants him to bring it, because he can take it. Helen tries to kill Jillian with some push-ups as she balances on an exercise ball, but Jillian says that it was easy. Helen is chagrined. She makes her run backwards on the treadmill, which doesn't seem to do it, but lunges with weights makes Jillian pant. As Filipe trains Bob with serious lip, Bob tells him to shut up. Bob has also sweated off about 117 pounds. He tells us that Ron and Filipe wiped the floor with him. He enjoyed it, though. Mike boxes Jillian, and then as Jillian squats against the wall both Helen and Tara sit on her. Bob and Jillian pledge retribution at the real last-chance workout.

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