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And so, there are beatings. Extra beatings, because it was the last last-chance workout. Tara describes it as non-stop and relentless, but knows she has to push through. She also ponders her prize choice. She believes in herself enough not to take the pound, but at the same time you never know when you'll fall below the yellow line. I also think that letting Mike have that prize would be a mistake. As Jillian gives Helen beatings, she tells her that there are 48-year-old women all over the world looking at her to see what's possible. Helen is going to show them that this is possible, and not a fluke. I have to say, despite some sketchy moments mid-season, Helen is pretty awesome, too. Bob tries to convince us that, despite his shadiness, Ron is awesome and deserves to be in the finals. Mike feels like he's a frontrunner, and says he's going to make sure that he doesn't lose the game now. Filipe pledges to Bob that he's not going to be the last person eliminated. Bob tells us that Filipe is more focused than ever, and has the fire that will take him all the way to the end. Everyone is extremely motivated, and they push each other to work harder. God, I really should go to the gym more than once every four months. I took a walk on the beach over the weekend and my calves are still sore. Maybe Tara will come and train me and teach me how to kick so much ass?

With that, it's weigh-in time. Ron tells us that his job was to lose enough weight to stay and protect Mike, and also to make sure that Mike lost all the weight he needed to. He's done his job. Tara tells us that everyone stepped it up this week, so she doesn't know what's going to happen when they all get on the scale. Sami greets them, still with the glassy eyes. But she smiles and congratulates them for surviving the most epic season ever. It had the biggest and heaviest contestants ever, and when the final five started they weighed a total of 1,733 pounds. Yowser. Together, they've lost over 600 pounds and have faced more challenges, survived more eliminations, and spent more time on campus than anyone ever has. You're telling me. I haven't had a free Tuesday night in four months. Sami asks Bob how different it is to train the contestants today, as opposed to day one. It's very different, duh. The contestants, and what they've had to endure, have inspired Bob. Jillian says that they're athletes now. She has tears in her eyes as she adds that they're totally different people. Sami asks Mike if he still thinks he has this competition in the bag. Mike replies that last week he said he thought he could win -- this week he hopes he can win. Everyone's kicked it in high gear. Tara is the only remaining player who has never faced elimination, and Sami asks her if she thinks she has a chance of winning. Tara says it's not about winning the game. She's scared to go home, but very excited to have gotten her life back. Filipe, of course, set out to change an entire culture. He says that, whether he's a finalist or not, he's going to do that. He gets very emotional and says that if he wins the $250,000, he'd fly to Tonga to show people what he's learned, and how great it feels to live a healthier and happier life. He's determined to inspire the people he loves the most, no matter what happens on the scale tonight.

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