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Okay, on with the weighing. Oh, wait! But first Tara has to choose her prize. And whichever prize she doesn't take will go to Mike. Tara takes the pound, and congratulates Mike on his $10,000. Smart move, lady. Mike would have liked the pound, but is psyched to have a year's worth of tuition paid for. Ron is first on the scale. Ron goes from 298 to 289, for a loss of 9 pounds or 3.02%. Ron has lost 141 pounds in the 17 weeks he's been on the show. He tells Sami that he and Mike had a goal of losing 300 pounds together before they left the show. This means Mike will have to lose 6, which Ron is sure will happen. Filipe is next. He goes from 244 to 234 for a loss of 10. Yowser! That's awesome. Filipe has lost 130 pounds total since being on campus. His percentage is 4.10%. Mike is starting to get nervous that this is the end of the road for him.

Helen is next and has a serious case of the nerves. She needs to have lost more than 6 pounds to guarantee a spot in the final four. She goes from 161 to 154 for a loss of 7! She did it! Wow, everyone is just shredding it this week. Helen is also thrilled to be at 154. She has lost 103 pounds total. Jillian tells us that Helen was a 48 year-old overweight woman who was passed her prime. Everyone was going to "tolerate" Helen until it was time to send her packing, but she's a powerhouse who's kicked everyone's ass. Jillian thinks she'll give the others a significant run for their money, if she doesn't actually win. She reminds us that Helen is pink team, which has been on quite a run these past few seasons. Helen is definitely safe with a loss of 4.35%. Mike is next. He needs to have lost more than 9 pounds to guarantee a spot in the final four. He goes from 235 to 224, for a loss of 11. Holy crow! He's in the finals. Mike says that when he began the competition he was hopeless and had no confidence whatsoever. Losing this much weight is amazing, and he emotionally says he can't believe he did it. He and Ron have also surpassed their collective 300 pound goal. Ron is pushed below the line, but doesn't care. He's pleased and proud that Mike is at the top. Mike has lost 4.68%, which is pretty phenomenal. Filipe feels devastated at the prospect of falling below the yellow line, and knows for a fact that if he does the others will come for him.

Finally, there is Tara. Oh, I am nervous. With the one-pound advantage, she needs to have lost more than 6 pounds to guarantee a spot in the final four. She goes from 177 to 169, for a loss of 8. Holy crow redux! That's awesome. She is very emotional, and says how amazing it is to finally believe in herself. Oh, man, I just started crying. Stupid show. Jillian reminds us that Tara is her only original contestant remaining. Tara has lost 125 pounds, which is the most any woman has ever lost on campus. Tara's total percentage is 5.08%, putting her at the top of the pack. Of course, this means that Filipe and Ron are below the yellow line. It would be incredibly sweet if they finally bumped Ron and let Filipe have a run at this. Bob is upset to see how upset Filipe is, and tells us that he's worked so hard and lost so much weight. He deserves the opportunity to be in the finals. And poor Bob would finally like one of his contestants to win.

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