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The contestants get one hour to discuss their elimination strategy. Tara tells us that she adores Filipe and she adores Ron, but at the same time she never got involved in any alliances or promises. Ron tells everyone how much he wants to be there and finish with Mike. He adds that he's not a threat. Filipe says he wants to be a finalist because he feels like he can still run this race. In grade school he was picked last in everything, but now he can still play the game. He tells them that they can go the easy route or the hard route. To be the best, they should keep the best. He wants the opportunity to be a finalist, not for the title but for the opportunity. He adds a very sad, "Please, let me keep playing." Helen asks for some time for she and Tara to talk about it, since Mike's vote is obvious. Filipe interviews that to be the best you have to beat the best, and asks why they're scared of competition. People conventionally have taken out the bigger threats, but Filipe thinks that in this case where it benefits himself, the bigger threats should be kept in. I'd be curious to see if he followed that reasoning if Mike had fallen below the yellow line with Ron.

Tara and Helen talk. Helen remembers that both Filipe and Ron voted to boot her off, so she has no loyalties to either man. She's looking at it as a game. Tara says that it's up to them, since Mike's vote isn't going to count. Helen likes the power of deciding the final four, and wants to swish it around in her mouth for a while. I don't know what that means, exactly, but I just attribute it to her being really hungry.

The contestants enter the elimination room. Mike of course votes to oust Filipe. Helen tells Filipe and Ron that she thinks the world of both of them. With a tiny bit of sadness, and the residue of power swishing in her mouth, she reveals that she eliminated Filipe because he's the bigger threat. Filipe says he isn't mad, and can't leave being sad because he's accomplished everything he set out to do. He wanted to inspire the person with no hope, because that person was him. He hopes his experience will inspire at least one other person out there. He's bawling, and so is Tara. Sami tells Filipe officially that he is not The Biggest Loser, and it's time for him to go. Once he's gone, Sami tells the final four that the competition isn't over yet -- they're all going home for 30 days, and then will come back to face the scale one more time. And that's next week! And then we all get a vacation.

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